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Thread: Need Power-Con 2019 exclusives? - I'm taking pre-orders for Non-Attendees

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    Need Power-Con 2019 exclusives? - I'm taking pre-orders for Non-Attendees


    I will accept messages about what you would like to pre-order up until Sunday, April 7th, at 11:59pm Pacific time. After that, I will accept no more private messages with order inquiries. Also, please do not send a message with an order inquiry unless you are certain you will be placing an order through me.

    After that, I must have all payments sent to me no later than Monday, April 8th, at 9:00am Pacific time. If you have not sent payment by that time, your order through me will be cancelled!
    Thank you for your understanding.

    Long time follower of the forum and long time fan but first time poster.

    I am a volunteer at Power-Con who works in Registration, and also helps taking care of any Customer Service shipping needs that the convention might have.

    For the past three years I have bought most of the remaining convention Customer Service stock to resell on eBay (luge311) and have over 5000 positive feedback's (I have extensive experience shipping exclusives). I will once again be attending the convention this year and thought that I would offer my shipping services for any Non-Attendees.

    Steps to pre-order:
    1. Contact me through Private Message here on the boards
    2. Place your convention pre-order with me, then pay via PayPal (for goods n services please add an additional 3.5%; for friends and family no extra is required)
    3. I will place place a pre-order for you

    Payment for Shipping: this will be collected as we get closer to the convention after I know the size and weight of the exclusives.

    Domestic (USA) pre-orders: these will be shipped from the convention with all orders being shipped by Sunday evening of the convention.
    International pre-orders: please contact me to discuss shipping options based on what is being ordered. Your shipping rate will still contain the same handling and packing fees listed below.

    Extra charges:
    Handling fee: I charge $5 per individual exclusive regardless of what the item is, or how many items you pre-order (example: any three exclusives will be $15 on top of quoted shipping rates).
    Packing Material: There will be a $5 charge per order for packing materials on top of the handling fee and shipping rate.
    Shipping Rate: I do not mark up shipping rates. For USA domestic orders, I will charge you exactly what FedEx Ground is charging me for your package plus the set handling fee and packing material fee as stated above.

    Please send me a Private Message with any questions or to set up a pre-order. I will collect and place pre-orders as they are received until the end of the Attendee pre-order window, or until exclusives sell out (which is a big "if" but it could happen).

    - - - Updated - - -

    I will also be offering the newly listed Earl Norem wrapping paper for pre-order to non-attendees. This item will have to be a separate order as well as a separately shipped item due to the unusual size. This item will be shipped in a tube and not a box like the other exclusives will be shipped in. There will be a 3.5% paypal fee as well as a $5 per item handling fee and a $5 packing material fee on top of the shipping rate fee.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Note: I am a full time firefighter that works a 48hr on 96hr off schedule so if it takes me a little while to respond please know that i am not ignoring you and that I will respond as quickly as I can based on my ability and availability.
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