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Thread: Club NA Episode 11: "The Gift"

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    Club NA Episode 11: "The Gift"

    Share your thoughts on Episode 11 of "The Gift" from The New Adventures of He-Man, so get out those DVDs (or search for it on youtube).

    Some thoughts I had while watching this:

    The Zeps remind me of the Fatal Fluffies from an episode of G.I. Joe.

    Spinwit and Quake are nice enough to talk in 3rd person in case we want to buy their toys.

    I like how Skeletor manipulates Flogg and just lets Flogg think he is the leader.

    It is interesting to see He-Man slice a Zep with his sword before first knowing it is a robot.

    It looks like this episode will have at least a part 2. They still managed to put in a moral at the end of the episode, though. One thing I like about this show compared to the Filmation show is that it has some multi-part episodes which Filmation rarely had. It allows for a greater depth on storytelling. Some of the best episodes from G.I. Joe were the two parters.

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    The Gift is available on YouTube and the funny thing is the episode's in Polish.
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