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Thread: Super7 Conan license question? - He-Man's / 3.75 or 6"

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    Quote Originally Posted by The All American View Post
    That'd be cool!
    This would be great!

    Off the top of my dome here's who'd i'd like aside from who they've announced.

    Conan King
    Conan pit
    Conan with the war paint
    Conan destroyer with & without clothes
    Wizard guy from destroyer with that red cap (man that would be awesome)
    Andre's monster at end of destroyer
    Wilts character
    mako (I think that was his name)
    grace jones character
    the girl & thief guy in a two pack
    the evil lady
    Thulsa doom, one as snake & robe.

    I apologize for not having the correct names, too lazy to look them up. But i'd buy all these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orko's Uncle View Post
    I'm not a licensing expert either, but I'm guessing the Arnold movies are something completely different, especially when it comes to using the likenesses of actors.

    Licensing and selling toys is weird. For example, NECA is making Ninja Turtles figures (normally Playmates makes TMNT) but NECA is allowed to make figures based on how much the figures cost and where they sell them (i.e. GameStop and the electronics section of Target, where Playmates is not present).

    Funko did show of a 5.5" x line of Conan figures based on Conan the Barbarian (it was part of their Savage World line), but I haven't heard much about it after they showed it some time last year.
    From what I gather, Funko long planned to do Conan in October 2019 as 5.5” but had QC issues with a single run of Thundercats and DC Primal Age in 2018. While they changed factories in 2019 and fixed the QC issues (the 2019 stuff is their best stuff), the sales nosedived and they let the Conan license lapse. Basically, wave 2 Thundercats and MAYBE wave 3 and 4 Primal Age will happen depending on those sales numbers but management is leaning towards abandoning the 5.5” format. TCats wave 2 is definite. DC wave 3 is maybe and wave 4 is unlikely.

    Some of the DC stuff leaked and sounded interesting. Deathstroke, Ninja Batman (I think?) — it was not the predictable stuff.

    But the Conan stuff was basically not something they could hit the sales numbers they wanted for it at the $12.99 price.

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    Why is the Super 7 Conan's swords out of scale? I know the 4 Horsemen have taken liberties with some sculpts not being true to the source material but the sword looks to be taller than the figure! It should be just over half that length.
    conan.jpgconan figure.jpg
    At least NECA made the sword the right size.
    conan neca.jpg
    I wish NECA had the Conan licence and was making Ultimate figures. Hopefully when the new Conan movie comes out.
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    Pre orders for the Conan figures (and Andre the Giant) are supposed to be starting today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dcr4 View Post
    Pre orders for the Conan figures (and Andre the Giant) are supposed to be starting today.
    The Conan figures are available, however, they're hidden. You have to go to the Andre pre-order and scroll through other items, and the Conan figures show up. The strange thing is, its not the same Conan figure shown at SDCC. It's the gladiator Conan before he's free to become a barbarian.

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