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Thread: Roast Gooble Dinner - Episode 154 Discussion

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    Roast Gooble Dinner - Episode 154 Discussion

    Episode 154 of's Roast Gooble Dinner is here!
    We hope you're hungry.

    Val Staples, Danielle Gelehrter, Nate Baertsch, Rob Base, and Daniel Benedict are back to discuss He-Man and She-Ra.

    In this episode they discuss
    Blast Replicas,
    He-Man moving casting,
    Nate's MOTU designs,
    the passing of Larry DiTillio,
    the passing of William George,
    the passing of Dean Stefan,
    the passing of Magoo,
    and much more!

    Also, don't forget the Roast Gooble Dinner iPhone App, which is great for organizing and downloading current and past episodes. Click here to get yours today!

    And if you have a comment or a question, please call us at (310) 933-5993 or at our Skype account "roastgooble" and leave a voicemail (in Skype, please go to Call Phones and enter roastgooble as the phone number and dial in. Please do not add roastgooble to your contact list as we won't accept the request. Sorry!) We'll try to work your voicemail into the show, so please call! Otherwise, you can e-mail us at gooble (at) he-man (dot) org. One or more of the hosts will read your e-mail on the show. Please keep e-mails short and sweet!

    So pull up your chair and fill up your plate! It's time to chow down on a tasty serving of fandom here on's Roast Gooble Dinner!

    Recorded on March 21, 2019
    Runtime: 1 hour, 05 minutes, 21 seconds

    Direct link for Episode 154

    Subscription info:

    Link to subscribe with iTunes
    Direct link to RSS feed
    Hope to see you at Power-Con 2020!
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    Awesome, very happy to see Gooble back on the menu!

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    Great! I was already down to E124, have been binch listening to the pod the past week or so. I loved the episodes where you had the likes of Toy Guru, Brian Flynn and the guy from the 4 Horseman on (sorry name eludes me right now). I really like the episodes where the curtain of the production process gets lifted a little!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Somber episode... sorry for all your losses, especially Danielle. Losing your loved ones really sucks, the knowledge that you’ll never get to utter a word to them again. It’s a part of life we all have to face sooner or later, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Especially when someone leaves us far too early.

    Damn, that got me down for a moment! Sorry again. But, it’s wonderful to hear the support and outpouring love you get from the community. I really get the sense from the podcasts and the friendlyness on the forums that this is a very tight-knit community which I’ve never seen before in a place that’s technically ‘just’ about toys.

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    I'll try to take a listen to this soon. As a lot of us hit our 40s, it is sad to see more & more people behind our favorite shows and toylines of our youth pass away. One of the reasons I've gone to Power-Con is I know that I might not get another chance to meet and thank some of people that have influenced me.

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    Another Great Episode!

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    Good episode. Sad and somber, but it was good.

    I rearranged my MOTUC figures while listening, which always makes me feel less dorky.

    I'd love to make it out to Power-Con sometime. It's on my "Things To Do Before I Turn 40" list. I don't think it's going to work out this year, though. Just not enough cash.
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