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Thread: Masters of the Universe Magic System

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    Masters of the Universe Magic System

    Masters of the Universe- over the course of many different licenses and writers- usually has a "convenient" magic system (Deus ex Machina and New Powers as the Plot Demands tropes). I always felt the evil mages spammed teleportation, energy bolts, mind control, and sleep- all at will most of the time- but never used it for the kill since good always has to win.

    Considering fantasy fiction readers have high expectations for consistent, functional, internally logical magic systems, what would be your ideal magic system for MOTU if you were starting from scratch?

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    This may not be what you were looking for but I found it interesting and fun to do with the guide helping me gather my ideas

    So this is written from the perspective of myself, for my own personal “canon” or world that MOTU exists. I was far more influenced by the mini-comics and my own imagination than the Filmation cartoon. However, the Filmation cartoon did influence me when it came to magic use. So the following is my own little rules for my MOTU. I’m going to not use the “in my canon” to start every sentence so just know it’s implied.

    Where does magic come from?

    Magic comes from multiple parallel universes. These universes aren’t all perfect copies of each other but the one thing they share is that the galaxy Eternia resides in is the center of all of them, with Eternia being the center of that galaxy. All magic flows from Eternia and the other planets in the galaxy it resides in (this is based off other people’s writing and ideas that I liked and expanded on). It is an energy but it exists in multiple forms. The people of Eternia and the rest of the galaxy absorb this energy in different ways and that is responsible for what constitutes different “clans/races” on Eternia/the galaxy.

    There are also many types of materials on Eternia that absorb magical energy at a much higher rate. Some are common, some are extremely rare.

    Who can do your magic?

    Because of the wars that led to what I would call modern day (He-Man’s era), most humanoid beings on the planet are unable to control the magic around them and aren’t aware of the power that is within them. Some have natural abilities that the magic grants their race/clan. These are usually more physical features grown into that race by magic (people being able to breath underwater) with a few exceptions (example would be the Avions who naturally can levitate).

    There are also students of magic. These are beings that have learned to use the magic around/within them to varying degrees through studying ancient writings and/or experimentation.

    There are also students of magic that are granted magic by a supernatural being. This usually results in a much more powerful magic user.

    There are also certain non-humans who are still able to use magic to varying degrees.

    There are supernatural entities that can use magic to varying degrees. These are usually the most powerful magic users.

    How do you use magic?

    Magic can be used by many physical means. Hand gestures, magic spells, incantations or signs.

    Magic can also be triggered by an effort of will. There are only a select few in my fiction that can do this and most aren’t aware of how they do it.

    Magic can be used through objects/materials containing magic. This is one of the most effective ways for non-supernatural beings to use powerful magic.

    Materials containing magic are what power ancient machines, weapons, technology, and new creations. This is done by using materials on Eternia that have certain types of magical properties. Some of these materials (usually rare) will maintain their properties forever while others are like batteries with a finite amount of power. This is why certain items and weapons cannot be used indefinitely. It’s also why certain weapons, vehicles, and other technology can’t be mass produced.

    Magic can be used by supernatural beings by a variety of means with very few limitations. They’re often beings of pure mystical/magical energy in different manifestations.

    What can't magic do?

    The vast majority of Eternia’s population is unable to use magic in any way. This applies even to using objects imbued with magic.

    Different forms of magical energy are effective or ineffective against each other. There are a few materials that magic can’t penetrate or have any effect on.

    Magic can heal the most serious of wounds but no form of magic on Eternia can bring back any being from death.

    No magic exists that can manipulate time or be used for time travel.

    Certain beings have magical limits. There is a level of magic they’re able to control but not more.

    Beings using magic experience different forms of strain or fatigue using magic. This can be negated on different levels by using objects imbued with magic or objects that allow a user to focus/magnify their magic.

    Teleportation magic exists but only for short distances unless special arrangements are made. For instance, a magic user can create a portal “home” that is powered by a magical object/material that allows the user to transport to more distant locations that have also been set-up. These locations are connected and are not random. They can be destroyed and created with sufficient materials/effort.

    Long distance teleportation is possible but only for the most powerful of magic users. It can also be ineffective/dangerous as the magic of Eternia can cause a variety of problems when attempted.

    Magic cannot fully destroy other magic. This applies to beings as well. This explains why the beings of Eternia are resistant to being killed by magic. Magic objects destroyed will cause the magic within to be released in different forms.

    Magic cannot help the people of Eternia to produce children. Pregnancy is somewhat rare on Eternia. This applies to all living creatures on the planet.

    That was kinda fun. I've started many fan-fics but have never completed them and it was cool to get this all down for later.
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