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Thread: My custom Molkrom, by Orsogranito Customs.

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    My custom Molkrom, by Orsogranito Customs.

    I just wanted to show (off) my amazing custom Molkrom, made by the incredibly talented Massimiliano Carminati of Orsogranito Customs fame..!

    Molkrom is my alltime favourite monster from the Filmation cartoon, and the ONLY monster, who posed a real threat to Castle Grayskull, the Sorceress and, even, He-Man, himself..!

    I LOVE my Molkrom, and he looks just like he jumped right out of the episode Reign of the Monster..!
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    Leech sucks..!

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    Stellar job love this custom great job on him

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    Good Lord, this thing is nightmare fuel! Great custom, freaky design!
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    Wow. Awesome.
    You are right, the design is exactly as in the episode. I've seen Molkrom customs before, but that's clearly the best one. Even the arms are as ridiculously long as they should be.
    I guess you can switch the arms out?

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    Fantastic work!
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    Wow! That looks incredible. It very much has the look of a production piece, which I think is always a testament to a good custom. It fits right in!
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    Wow, that's pretty awesome!! Great representation of Molkrom!!
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