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Thread: The Royal Family of Eternia

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    The Royal Family of Eternia

    So, we already had

    The Ancients

    The Wizards of Good

    The Council of Elders

    The Seven Devils

    The Sorcerer Kings (now with two new entries)

    The He-Men

    The Beast Gods of Eternia

    Now we get to this. As usual, I use material from different media and twist it a bit to fit my timeline. This one comes in several parts, these are only the first few characters in it.

    The Royal Family of Eternia

    Meant is the kingdom of Eternia, not the planet.

    D'Vann Grayskull
    After the second Snake Men War that ended with the banishment of King Hiss and his generals, the Alliance of the Free People of Eternia founded a kingdom named after the planet. D'Vann, Lord of Castle Grayskull, was crowned king of this new land and was called King D'Vann Grayskull or King Grayskull ever since. During his rule, a mysterious time traveler convinced him to search for the mythical Sky Throne, which for him ended up to be pointless when Zodac found it and was taken away by it, but was important for the Cosmic Enforcers who gained one of their most successful agents in Zodac.
    When Hordak threatened the whole planet with the Spell of Separation, Grayskull refused to give in, forcing Hordak to end the spell himself when it became too dangerous. He visited the Oracle and was given the second half of the Sword of the Ancients for his unborn daughter to wield in the future.
    Befor his daughter was born, though, the Evil Horde marched towards Castle Grayskull itself. King Grayskull and his heroic warriors intercepted them and managed to banish many of them to Despondos, but the king fell in battle.

    Queen Veena Grayskull
    At the age of eleven, Veena was whisked away from home and to Eternia by means unknown. She became a student of the wizard Eldor and a great sorceress herself. Her specialty was creating magical wings that could carry her through the air. She met D'Vann of the Skull Tribe when Eldor send her to assist the demigod in his negotiations with the dragon leader Granamyr (same one who rules Darksmoke today). She managed to avert a war between the dragons and the Alliance of Free People (for now) and fought on D'Vann's side ever since. She was at his side when he doubted himself after he broke the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings and when he reforged it into the Sword of Power. Together, they fought the Snake Men and their allies, like the wizard Nazghal or the warlord Skeletor who, not for the first time, visited Preternia from the future.
    Veena was again important peace talks, this time with the Snake Men. This was also when she caught the eye of Nicolas of Zalesia. Unbeknownst to him, he was too late, though, as she had already fallen in love with D'Vann, at this point already Lord of Castle Grayskull.
    Veena fought again in the following war with the dragons and again secured the peace afterwards.
    She was involved in the construction of the Three Towers and married D'Vann Grayskull, becoming Lady Grayskull.
    Together with Eldor and He-Ro, Veena imprisoned Nicolas in his palace, when he had broken the agreement with the Snake Men, in the hope that that would prevent a war. When the war still came, she fought again.
    After the Battle of Snake Mountain, where King Hiss was banished to the Timeless Dimension, the war ended for good and many Snake Men left the area, led to their new underground home by the Snake Goddess, D'Vann and Veena were crowned King and Queen Grayskull.
    While Hordak gathered his forces to take the throne and King Grayskull sought the Oracle for advice, Veena was visited by the Green Goddess. She told her, that she had been poisoned and robbed of her main weapon by the Snake Men during the last war. She showed Veena those secrets of the castle that only few knew, like the crystal cave underneath and the shaft to the Star Seed and asked her to guard this from now on, as the first Sorceress of Grayskull.
    Only because Veena was pregnant, she didn't fight in the last battle against the Evil Horde, where Hordak was banished to Despondos and King Grayskull fell. Additionally to the secrets of Grayskull, Veena now had to protect her husband's sword and raise her daughter, so she left the rule to He-Ro and the Council of Elders. When He-Ro brought Vikor to the kingdom, Veena recognized him as worthy to protect the present Sword of the Sorcerer Kings and made him the first He-Man.
    [Exactly how Veena came into possession of that sword is not known but most likely she also got it from the Green Goddess.]
    When He-Ro was killed in an attempted coup by Adi, a representative of Anwat Gar in the council, she and her daughter survived with the help of Vikor.
    Over the years, more and more of the government moved from Castle Grayskull to the city of Eternos, especially when D'Vann's and Veena's daughter rejected the throne and the power stayed with the Council of Elders which resided in the Hall of Wisdom in Eternos. After some time, only Veena was left in the castle and most people didn't even know that she was still alive.
    During the time of her granddaughter, He-Ra, Veena finally retired, making Zoar from the Eagle tribe the next Sorceress of Grayskull.

    The daughter of D'Vann Grayskull and Veena. As a child, Salaria barely survived two assassination attempts, the first by Snake Men led by Terroar, the second by Gar, both ordered by the possessed Adi. She wasn't interested in politics and preferred fighting bandits at the side of the heroic warriors. When former Fighting-Foe-Man Ditztroyer stole the original Talon Fighter (an invention by the first Man-At-Arms, Dawg-o-tor, also a former Fighting Foe Man) she was the one to bring it back.
    When she was old enough, her mother and the Council of Elders offered her the throne as well as the second half of the Sword of the Ancients. She took the sword but refused to take the throne, instead leaving the castle to find her own way.
    This gave King Hiss, still possessing Adi, a surprising chance. He send a gang of Gar and Snake Men led by Terroar to ambush her on the road and bring her to his new headquarter, Point Dread, formerly home of the Fighting Foe Men.
    Hiss, not sure if killing her would be beneficial to him or lead to him never being freed from the Timeless Dimension, incarcerated Salaria. She was already in the process of breaking out, when she was freed by Saryn, the murderer of He-Ro, who had discovered that Adi wasn't who she thought he was. Vikor, following the princess' trail, arrived at Point Dread, too. Together, Salaria and Vikor fought King Hiss, who assumed his demonic form to overpower them. Since she noticed that he was protecting a broken and put back together skull that reminded her of depictions of Hordak, she destroyed it and Hiss vanished, only leaving behind the corpse of Adi.
    Before Saryn fled, she gave Salaria the shapeshifting stone that she had broken from He-Ro's staff.
    The princess returned home but never took the throne. She stopped Ditztroyer from stealing all of Eternia's magic and freed Targa from the wizard Lodar. In the latter fight, Lodar destroyed the shapeshifting jewel. Grayskull's daughter went down to the forge of power, cut the biggest shard of the jewel into a fitting form and reforged her half of the Sword of the Ancients into the Sword of Protection, into which she fit the newly cut jewel.
    She never became queen, but instead became the leader of the Heroic Warriors when Vikor retired. It was during this time that Eternos had problems with plundering Ilkorts. After some fights between Ilkorts and Heroic Warriors, she came to an agreement with Haramesh – if she could beat him in a fair fight, the Ilkorts would leave. And as we know, she did beat him and he kept his word. She married Tay-Larr, the older son of Shield-Maiden Sherrilyn and He-Ro and had a daughter who is known to us as He-Ra as well as two more children.

    He-Ra was raised as a warrior and a sorceress by her parents. When she was old enough, Veena entrusted her with the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings, making her the second He-Man. She put it to good use fighting the newly rising Cult of Hordak and defending Eternos against Ceres and the Dogs of War.
    While she couldn't kill Ceres, she managed to lure him into the Hall of Wisdom, where the Council of Elders turned him to stone.
    Using her knowledge of magic and the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings, He-Ra entered the timeless dimension and got the Staff of Ka back from King Hiss. Her time as a He-Man ended here, since Veena brought the sword to a new, secret place for safekeeping.
    Because she couldn't be without a sword, her mother gave He-Ra the Sword of Protection to wield together with the Staff of Ka.
    Unlike her mother, He-Ra decided that she could serve Eternia best by ruling it and the Council of Elders agreed to crown her queen. She married and had a daughter she named Xerxa.
    When the infant princess was abducted by the Cult of Hordak, He-Ra hunted them down, slew the Horde Wraith, destroyed the Altar of Hordak and brought her daughter home safe.
    Many years later, she retired, leaving her throne to Xerxa and the Sword of Protection to Sorceress Zoar for safekeeping before she spend her last years in Eternos.

    Xerxa grew up in Eternos, never visiting Castle Grayskull. Unlike all of her known ancestors she was interested in neither fighting nor sorcery. Instead she focused on politics, arts and romance, marrying long before she became queen. After the death of her husband, by a Dauber bite, Xerxa inherited the throne when her mother He-Ra retired. While she didn't fight herself, it was during her time that the first Council of Evil attacked Eternos and Keldor, the son of Dittztroyer, locked her into the mysterious Time Portal. Only because the legendary future He-Man opened the portal from the other side, she could escape.
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    Dittztroyer? Sounds very much like destroyer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neophron View Post
    Dittztroyer? Sounds very much like destroyer.
    Yeah, I just noticed that I spelled the name wrong. It is Ditztroyer, with one t. One of the Fighting Foe Men in Classics. He is named after Shane Dittsworth, which explains the strange name and also why I accidentally wrote him with a double t.

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    Princess Andromeda had been visited by the winged stag Noble and taken on adventures since she was a kid. She fought Gar pirates led by Ditztroyer and his son Keldor, tamed the monster Yog and visited Eternia's twin planet Etheria. After the death of her father, those visits stopped, until years later, Noble needed her help on Etheria when the Fire Spirits tried to take over. Being given the Sword of Protection by Sorceress Zoar, she fought the Council of Evil on Eternia and the Fire Spirits on Etheria, was involved into the erection of Crystal Castle and brought Prince Steffen of Mystacore, a descendant of king Ditillion, to Eternia where she married him.
    Andromeda and Steffen had a son whose whereabouts were unknown when, due to Noble's death, his parents got stuck on Etheria.
    The Council of Elders, having no idea where any of them was, took over the reign after the death of Queen Xerxa.

    Andromeda's and Steffen's first child (and the only one born on Eternia) lived his life without even knowing that he was part of the royal family. He married a commoner and had several children.

    Andromeda's and Steffen's second child was born on Etheria. She united several tribes that used to be vassals of the Fire Spirits and founded the kingdom of Driluth.

    Elden, grandson of Andromeda, was born as a commoner. When he got lost in the Evergreen Forest, and was menaced by the mage Ofta, he was saved by Moss Man. Together, they beat Ofta and took a magic gem from him. They brought the gem to Eternos for safekeeping. When Keclar used a spell to find out more about the Elden, this revealed that he was a descendant of Queen Xerxa, so he was crowned king. Since he had no experience nor any education in politics, he left the Council of Elders in charge.

    Elden's son Valnar took back some of the king's responsibilities from the Council of Elders.

    Seeing herself as someone who can manage a castle but not a whole kingdom, Valnar's daughter relinquished her right to the throne in favor of her younger brother Freenorn.

    Valnar's son Freenorn made Eternia into a full monarchy again, only keeping the Council of Elders as advisers. Despite this, he got along well with most of the council and especially Keclar. He only married in an old age and never had children, leaving the throne to his niece.

    King Freenorn's niece only became queen because her older brother had passed before her uncle and his daughter had left Eternos to live incognito in the city state Tahryn.

    After the death of her father, King Freenorn's oldest nephew, Julina became crown princess at the age of six. Since everyone expected Freenorn to have children himself one day, nobody actually prepared her to become queen. While she was raised as a princess, she didn't really care about politics or etiquette. As a teenager she had a reputation for getting into brawls, not caring much about her looks and having rather loose intimate relationships. Against her mother's and grandmother's wishes she assisted the Heroic Warriors in some missions and personally fought a Qadian pirate captain in a duel – losing, but convincing him to leave Eternia.
    She married one of the Heroic Warriors, who was mostly known as the Purple Knight, but when it became more and more likely that she would actually become queen, she fled from Eternos and left the throne to her aunt.
    While her exact story from this point on is unknown we know that she lived in the city state Tahryn for a while.

    One of King Freenorn's Heroic Warriors, he was send to retrieve one piece of a mysterious key, but accidentally ended up on the dark moon Phantos when he tested the mechanical pegasus build by Freenorn's Man-At-Arms. There, he learned that Barbo, king of Phantos, intended to invade Eternia with an army of magical metal constructs. Finding out that Barbo was manipulated by a mysterious malevolent force, Orlan-Don was able to convince him to give up his plans, but someone set his artificial army in motion anyway. Following them back to Eternia, Orlan-Don managed to undo them by using a potion he had found in the cave where they had been constructed. For this heroic deed, he was granted the hand of Princess Dassya.

    Unnamed King
    Son of Dassya and Orlan-Don.

    Randor I.
    Son of Unnamed King. At the time of Randor the First, the secrets of Grayskull were basically unknown. When Randor wanted to turn the old castle into an active fortress again, the Council of Elders advised against it, but didn't trust the king enough to tell him the reasons. The king didn't listen. When he couldn't enter the castle, he feared that an enemy might have taken it and tried to have the walls destroyed by heavy war machinery. Not wanting to risk massive damage but also not wanting to fight the king of Eternia, the Sorceress asked for guidance and the Spirit of Grayskull appeared for the first time and assembled the stone warrior Castle Grayskull Man who went out to distract the king's Heroic Warriors so the Sorceress could speak to Randor.
    After that, Randor gave up on his plan. He visited Castle Grayskull often, though, and one day he brought back a little girl whom he declared the heir to his throne.

    Unnamed Queen
    The daughter of Randor and the Sorceress. She had two daughters and was lost at sea together with her husband.

    Queen Iandir
    The first daughter of Unnamed Queen was already born with strange powers, displaying control over ice and snow. Rumours were spread that she was actually the daughter of the original Ice Lord, but it is more likely that she inherited the powers from either her official father's or her maternal grandmother's side, since both of them came from the Region of Ice, where many distant descendants of the Ice Lord live. Iandir trained under her grandmother, the Sorceress of Grayskull, and became one of the Heroic Warriors. During a trip to Morainia (which is part of the Region of Ice), she also learned to control animals who preferred cold environments, like snow sharks or ice spiders. However, Iandir tended to abuse her powers, be unnecessarily cruel to enemies and arrogant to her allies. When she stole the Sword of Protection from Castle Grayskull, her grandmother refused to let her in anymore. The Heroic Warriors had to take the sword back by force and her parents put Iandir under house arrest. When the queen and her husband got lost at sea, Iandir was crowned queen. She immediately resumed her old ways, freezing everyone who stood up to her, invading countries that she felt didn't pay her the proper respect and covering the kingdom of Eternia in never melting snow, so her Snow Sharks could move freely. The Council of Elders tried to reason with her first, then tried every legal move to remove her from power. Finally, when the people were starving (and occasionally eaten by snow sharks and ice spiders), Keclar allowed the use of the Creeping Horak. After the servants had left the palace, a commoner released the Horak and it started to grow, filling the building. When Iandir noticed it, all her ways out had already been cut off. Noticing that her powers could only slow the Creeping Horak down a little, she decided to freeze herself to avoid death by suffocation.
    After the Creeping Horak receded, Iandor was found enclosed in a block of ice. The Council of Elders declared her dead and crowned her younger sister queen of Eternia. Since they weren't completely sure if she was completely dead, the council had Iandir's grave built in the Morainia where the block wouldn't melt.

    Iandir's Sister
    After the catastrophic reign of Iandir, the Council of Elders took the main power again. The new queen, Iandir's younger sister, was fine with that, glad that she was at least spared the wrath of the people.

    Unnamed Queen
    Daughter of Iandir's sister.

    Stefen I.
    The son of Unnamed Queen, probably named after Princess Andromeda's husband Steffen. During his days, the warlord Dyr rose to power and created the Second Council of Evil. When Dyr attacked Eternos together with the newly revived Cult of Hordak and the Mages of the Inescapable, Stefen led the defense but barely fought in person. Dyr and his allies were beaten and never attacked Eternos again, but Stefen's reign wouldn't stay peacful als Dyr's plundering hordes had upset the neighboring realms as well as Eternia itself and conflicts were common.

    Unnamed Queen
    The daughter of King Stefen saw the rise of Dyperia, a kingdom founded by Dyr, named after and later ruled by his daughter. While there was no outright war, a series of armed conflicts between Eternia and Dyperia occurred.

    Miro I.
    During the rule of Miro the First, Keclar finally managed to create an actual peace with Dyperia. Miro was also king when Oo-Lar came to Eternia. He was married to Cetina of Arcadia.

    Cetina of Arcadia
    As part of an alliance against the aggressive kingdom of Dyr, King Miro the First married Princess Cetina of Arcadia.

    Unnamed King
    Son of Miro the First.

    Randor II.
    Son of Unnamed King.

    The daughter of Unnamed King and sister to Randor the Second was abducted by the mysterious alien Shezar in her youth. She was freed by the former He-Man Oo-Lar and his wife Teela when the two came to rescue one of their daughters who had also been kidnapped by Shezar.

    Unnamed Queen
    Daughter of Randor the Second. During her reign, Eternia was terrorized by plundering hordes of orcs. While the orc territory and Eternia were separated by Dyperia, the orcs simply passed Dyperia and concentrated on Eternia. A pact between Dyperia and the orcs was obvious, but couldn't be proven. Since the orcs moved as multiple smaller hordes instead of one army, defense proved difficult. Keclar came to the conclusion that an attack on the orc territory was the only way to draw the orcs out of Eternia. Circumventing Dyperia via the sea, eternian force attacked the orc territories and indeed the plunderers returned home to repel this invasion.
    Whatever pact between Dyperia and the orcs existed, the orcs ignored it, plundering dyperian villages on the way back home and attacking the dyperian border while fighting eternian troops at the same time. Dyperia and Eternia allied to finally crush the orc's military power. To secure the alliance, the queen had her daughter marry the heir of Dyperia.

    Miro II.
    The son of Unnamed Queen fought in the orc war in his youth. He later married Princess Amelia of Tarn before becoming the king that he still is today. Since the peace with Dyperia is secured, Miro now puts his effort into creating better relations with the Gar. We will see, where that leads. The Golden Disks of Knowledge say that he will be the last king to rule together with the Council of Elders since the council will finally find peace when Miro's son is crowned.
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    Queen Amelia, wife of King Miro the Second, is younger sister to the crown princess of Tarn. While the marriage is part of the alliance between Eternia and Tarn, it is not purely political, as the two knew each other long before and both chose this marriage out of several options.

    Future Members
    Prophecies written on the Golden Disks of Knowledge reveal that Miro and Amelia will have a son, Randor the Third, and that Miro will later marry again and have a second son, Keldor. While Randor will one day lead the Heroic Warriors, Keldor will lead his own company of mercenaries. Which one of them will be the king who will rule without the Council of Elders' aid remains to be seen. Also mentioned are the royal twins who will be the children of one of them and we know that Sharella knew a Prince Dare in her youth which, confusingly, is in the future.

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    I added Julina, grandniece of King Freenorn.

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    I just notidec something I did accidentally. Here, I write that it remains to be seen what comes out of Miro's attempt to reach out to the Gar. But in the entry on Klingsor in "The Seven Devils" I mentioned the flooding of the Valley of Gnarl and the massacre of Anwat Gar. So I guess, the unnamed narrator wrote that part months later than this one.
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    Added more details to Elden's adventure in the Everfree Forest.

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    Named Freenorn's sister and niece, added said niece's husband.

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    Since she now has a name, I altered the entry for Grayskull's daughter.

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