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Thread: Club Grayskull Mantenna Discussion Thread w/ Pixel Dan review

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    Club Grayskull Mantenna Discussion Thread w/ Pixel Dan review

    What are your thoughts on Filmation Mantenna from Super7?

    And here is a review by Pixel Dan of Super7's release of MOTUC Club Grayskull (Filmation) Mantenna!
    Check it out:

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    Probably the best Club Grayskull figure so far. Dan didn't mention the fact that shading has been added - a decorative feature which has sadly been missing from figures for far too long. Mantenna is good work. Very interesting comparison in the video too - I hadn't yet looked at this figure next to the Classics one. As Dan says, they are surprisingly different.
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    I really like the shading on Mantenna, too. It just makes the figure look so much better. I completely understand that these are Filmation versions based on the art but little details like that really help translate that artwork into a three dimensional figure more effectively.

    Mantenna feels really solid as well. He's definitely as well made as most of Mattel's line, which is absolutely a positive. The portraits swap out really easily as well. Love those headsculpts!
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    This figure is absolutely exquisite. Mine has perfect paint applications, all the joints are solid, the changeable parts work perfectly. He’s just perfect!

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