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Thread: Retro Figures Too Make/Or Will Make Thread

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    Retro Figures Too Make/Or Will Make Thread

    Just a thought now that we are getting vintage/retro issues of the classic figures just like Mattel would have made them what figures do you think they will make?

    Filmation Figures (Yes)
    Concept Figures never made (Yes)
    Re-Issues Of Classic Figures ?
    Re-Issues Of The Giant Figures and or playsets?
    New Adventure Style retro figures?
    Any figures that has been/or will be released in the MOTUC Line that never was in the vintage line?
    MYP/Motu 200X styles figures?
    Chase Variants of different characters?

    I'd love to see them do alot of figures that were NEVER made for the vintage line like the ABC Giants from MYP as well as characters like Lizard Man,Goat Man Keldor etc.

    Any thoughts?

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    I’m in for most anything in the vintage line with the exception of the classic figure re-issues. I don’t necessarily think the common ones like Whiplash or Buzz-Off would sell well.

    That said a licensed Savage He-Man, Laser Light He-Man and the rarer figures probably would. Scareglow, Snake Face... figures like that.

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    I like the focus on Filmation characters and translating more cartoon accurate versions in the 5.5 style. I would especially like to see POP and NA done in this style as well so that we can have consistency.

    I am not interested in recasting previously released figures like Snake Face or Scare Glow. I would not mind translating some of the original concept motuc figures like Draego Man as well.

    If this line becomes 5.5 re-releases in different packaging and color variants than I dont think it will last long.

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