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Thread: ReAction MOTU Variable Variants and Slime Pit He-Man

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ausbot View Post
    I hope they do some snakemen in the next wave
    Snakemen would definitely be cool, but I want to see Man-E-Faces, and some of the other classics we haven't seen yet! Buzz-Off, Rock Men, Moss Man, Clawful...

    What I've noticed about these figures is that folks either really like them, or are totally complacent about them. I'm one of the former. I wonder if any vehicles or beasts are in-the-works?

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    The Toy Versions of Mantenna and Grizzlor and the 2 headed version of Modulok (Version D) are up on Super7's site right now.
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    Three more Horde variants at NYCC19 and I'd guess on S7 website after.
    Look like the picture show the wrong Grizzlor though and he's meant to be the dark skinned variant.
    Don't think I'll bother with any of these. Still waiting on a regular toy colours Hordak.

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    Aw, man, I hope the $18 price is just for these figs and not the new MSRP going forward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KidTDragon View Post
    Aw, man, I hope the $18 price is just for these figs and not the new MSRP going forward.
    Those tariff bucks have to stop somewhere I guess.

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    Honestly I'm sick of these horde figure, we need some new molds and characters

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