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Thread: WTB: Vintage MOTU parts

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    WTB: Vintage MOTU parts

    Hi everyone!

    I'm new to the forum, and am hoping that someone can help me locate some replacement parts to complete my vintage collection that I have recently unboxed after 30+ years in storage. My 8 year old daughter has been having a lot of fun with these toys, and they have cleaned up really well. I want to repair some pieces and replace missing parts in the hope that someday she can pass these down to her kids. The parts don't need to be mint, but I would prefer that they are unbroken/complete.

    As of now, I am looking for the following vintage parts:

    Playset parts needed:
    Castle Grayskull
    - Weapon rack (no broken pegs)
    - Both upper green floor pieces
    Snake Mountain
    - Bridge (left side) with guardrails

    Figure parts needed:
    - He-Man's shield with undamaged cardboard insert
    - Beastman's shoulder armor (red)
    - Teela's serpent helmet (intact, no breaks on straps or headpiece)

    Vehicle parts:
    - Wind Raider side fins
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