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Thread: The Unnamed One Final Form

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    The Unnamed One Final Form

    Yet ANOTHER custom that's been sitting on my desk waiting for the final touches. I was going to get a staff from Shapeways, but that website just keeps getting more expensive, so I said "screw it" and got creative with existing parts I had. Everything else has been done for close to 2 years now!

    The big baddie of MOTU after all these years turned out to be an evil Trollan called The Unnamed One (UNO). I don't necessarily mind, and can even entertain the thought. BUT I thought in the vein of great stories and video games, he needed a boss form, so I took a page out of DBZ mixed with Lord of the Rings and decided that the little Trollan needed some extra firepower for a finale, inspired by a Balrog!

    The head was the alt head from UNO. Body was Lord Dactys which I painted a lighter blue to match UNO. Loincloth is from Vikor, which I painted to look like UNO went Incredible Hulk and ripped out of his robes. The armor was merged with parts from a Snakeman harness (whom UNO created) and sculpted over. His whip hilt was painted to resemble his magic wand and given a crystal. The shield was just a boss fire deco to add where the dragon crest matched the dragon on his helmet. I gave him a grungey gunmetal dry brush and he's good to go here.

    Now He-Ro, Son of He-Man has a true source of evil to fight!


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    Very well done! Great idea!
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    Wow! He looks incredible!
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