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Thread: Ken "Cliff Barnes" Kercheval RIP

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    Ken "Cliff Barnes" Kercheval RIP

    I had a feeling something was up as he no showed the Dallas 40 event last yr , he prolly wouldve been at South Fork with the rest

    Besides JR and Jock , Cliff was prolly among the best things about Dallas , loved how he fought to get what was rightfully the Barnes' from the Ewings and restore Digger Barnes' memory (or so he thought)

    Totally bummed out now , RIP sir
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    Kercheval might be gone but he will be remembered by Dallas fans worldwide alongside Larry Hagman, who played his arch-rival J.R. Ewing.
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    I heard a couple days ago. Great actor, great role in Cliff Barnes. It was also cool to hear that he was a fellow Indiana resident. May he rest in peace.

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