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Thread: Best line for a collector to start now

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    Best line for a collector to start now

    For a returning fan, what's the best line to collect now starting from scratch?

    Original line - Can be augmented with recent and upcoming releases from Super7, plus other licenses in the same style. Some characters yet to be made. Plenty of vehicles and playsets available.

    Classics - Most complete lineup of characters. Close in scale to some other lines. Vehicles and playsets are few and very expensive.

    Mega Construx - Current retail line with few characters so far, but "every character" stated to be planned. In scale with other MC themes. One vehicle and playset so far, but smaller scale makes both more feasible.

    Other - What other line is expansive enough to have a complete roster of characters? M.O.T.U.M.U.S.C.L.E.? Mini-Motu? Some other line or small figures?

    What are some other pros and cons for each line?

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    Iím partial to the Super7 neo-vintage line. Only four released so far and an additional 3 waves already shipping/available for pre-order.

    Also love The Loyal Subjects line and if youíre ok with having a single variant (rather than every color variant available) the full set of releases so far can be had somewhat easily depending on your budget.

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    Mega Construx line is widely available at retail and you can get some good deals on it. If you're just starting out, and you have any sort of budget, that's the line to get. Vintage is also not bad if you don't mind collecting with no/minimal accessories. Starting Classics right now, you better have deep pockets or a good hustle.

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    Original line will give you the fewest headaches, and outside of a few rare items is less expensive, although prices are going up.

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    I suppose it depends what the collector wants to achieve. If the answer is 'a complete set' then Mega Construx is doable. I've recently acquired some figures and I like them a lot. But they're obviously in such a different scale from the originals that they don't satisfy the nostalgic element.

    I don't think it's likely that a complete collection of Classics could be built from scratch now. We're a decade in, and some figures were all but impossible to acquire first time around. They're the best incarnation of MOTU, but it would be a fool's errand to try to collect them now.

    And while it's still possible to find some original figures on eBay, the quality isn't there and toys are rarely seen with all the correct accessories. The few good quality items are, unsurprisingly, very costly.

    Super7's 5.5" figures are okay for cartoon fans, but they don't count as being a relaunch of the vintage line in my opinion. And we're seeing lots of variants and no originality. Fine for dedicated Filmation fans but not really worth collecting by others.

    So, right now, I don't actually think there's a good option for a new collector. That will only come with a relaunch.
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