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Thread: The Guardians of Grayskull

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    The Guardians of Grayskull

    Why not just "Sorceresses"? You will see.

    After the Ancients
    the Wizards of Good
    the Council of Elders
    the Seven Devils
    the Sorcerer Kings
    the He-Men
    the Beast Gods
    and the Royal Family of Eternia
    I now present you my version of

    The Guardians of Grayskull
    (Yes, I took two of them from a Roger Corman movie that's not even really good. It's fanfiction, I can do what I want.)

    When D'Vann's and Veena's daughter refused to take the throne, the Council of Elders ruled Eternia for the following decades. Since the Hall of Wisdom was located in the city of Eternos, Castle Grayskull lost its political meaning and most people left it. Veena, however, stayed behind to guard the secrets of the castle and became the first Sorceress of Grayskull. Her chosen heraldic animal, the swan, a bird that is native to her original homeworld as well as to Etheria but not to Eternia, also inspired the tradition of Sorceresses choosing a bird to represent them.
    Shortly before her granddaughter He-Ra became queen of Eternia, Veena retired and left the post of Sorceress to her pupil Zoar.

    Zoar of the Eagle Tribe was named after the giant eagle Zoar that her tribe worshiped as a god. Because of her natural talent in magic, she was taught by her tribes shamaness before Sorceress Veena took her as her pupil. She chose the eagle as her bird and guarded the Sword of Power and later also the Sword of Protection. Only after Queen Xerxa died without an available heir, Zoar searched for a successor, but failed. For a short time, Castle Grayskull was unguarded.

    Mira and Mara
    After an evil sorcerer made a deal with Angast to sacrifice his firstborn child to the demon, he happened to have twins. Not witnessing the birth himself, he didn't know which one was the older. While he tried to find out, their mother managed to sneak the girls out and entrust them to the Heroic Warriors who, at that time, worked for the Council of Elders as there was no monarch of Eternia. When their father found them, he was killed in a fight against he Heroic Warriors. Raised under the names Mira and Mara, the girls learned to fight and explored their telepathic connection.
    Since his soul belonged to Angast, the sorcerer was reborn as the Demon of Madness, a tentacled beast that could cause insanity in people it touched. Angast promised that he would give the demon a more humanoid form if he fulfilled the bargain and sacrificed his oldest child. The Demon's chance came, when one of hild old accomplices summoned him. He took seat in the unguarded Castle Grayskull to lure the Heroic Warriors there. They all died or went insane fighting him, until Mira and Mara entered the battle themselves. Together, they imprisond the Demon of Madness in the dungeon of Castle Grayskull and assumed the position of Sorceress of Grayskull. This was, so far, the only time that this title was held by two people at once.
    Mira and Mara later helped Elden to become king of Eternia and served at his advisers, one being at the Royal Palace, one at Castle Grayskull, switching places occasionally and using their telpathic connection to fulfill bot duties. They shared one bird, the northern hummingbird.

    Unnamed Sorceress
    During the rule of King Freenorn, Mira and Mara retired and chose a successor. Her time was mostly uneventful, but it included the time when one of Freenorn's Heroic Warriors, assisted by Princess Julina, Freenorn's grandniece, came to Castle Grayskull to get one of the many artifacts stored there. After testing them, she let them have the artifact, one part of a mysterious key.

    Unnamed Sorceress
    During the time of Randor the First, a young woman from the Region of Ice was chosen as the next Sorceress of Grayskull. She was relatively inexperienced when confronted with Randor who tried to take over the castle. With the help of the Spirit of Grayskull, she could convince Randor to give up his plans. He continued to come to her for advice and later private meetings. The two had a daughter who became the next queen of Eternia. This Sorceress also taught her granddaughter Iandir to control her powers and later fought her, when she went to far in her unscrupulous ways.
    This Sorceress' bird is a goose, as they are common in the Region of Ice.

    The Spirit of Grayskull
    The Spirit of Grayskull is the spirit of the castle itself. It contains echoes of the minds and souls of everyone who lived there, from King Grayskull himself to the latest guardian. It first appeared when a young Sorceress needed help when confronted with an ignorant king and has been waiting in the shadows and helping when needed ever since. When it needs to physically interact with the world, it uses Castle Grayskull Man, a warrior assembled from stones of he castle.

    Unnamed Sorcerer
    The so far only male guardian of Castle Grayskull began his duties during the rule of Iandir's niece. He serve during the time of King Stefen and decided to help in the fight against Dyr and his Council of Evil, despite the fact that he couldn't draw on the power of Grayskull when he was outside its walls. He was the one who shut down the Sunbird and personally hid one of its pieces. After returning to Castle Grayskull he held his position until King Miro the First rose to the throne.

    Tee-La became Sorceress of Grayskull around the same time that Miro the First became king of Eternia. She knew that while Dyr was dead and his Council of Evil disbanded, the revived Cult of Hordak was still around. In fact, she violently clashed with the cult and its leader Damon several times, until the cult left the kingdom for the Mystic Mountains.
    Unknowing to Tee-La, Damon had collected a sample of her skin and blood from one of the fights and magically created a double of the Sorceress whom he raised as hos daughter Teela.
    Tee-La noticed when the Cult of Hordak attacked the Eagle Tribe to steal the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings and ordered Oo-Lar to protect it.
    Tee-La also invented the time freeze spell to stop the beast man warlord Gygor.

    Unnamed Sorceress
    Tee-La's successor held the position for a relatively short time. When she used the Power of Grayskull for her own ends and lured people to the castle to magically make them her servants, the Council of Elders intervened and stripped her of her post and powers. Unbeknownst to them, however, she had discovered how to find the Crystal of Allenar, which had been stolen long ago by Ditstroyer. With this talisman, she can still use the powers of a Sorceress of Grayskull and is a threat to Eternia even today, known as the Enchantress. Her signature bird is the owl.

    Kuduk Ungol
    Since the last Sorceress could not be trusted to find a worthy successor, the Council of Elders chose the next Sorceress, a girl with remarkable magical talent from the nomadic Simbar who share the Valley of Gnarl with the Gar. Searching for sorcerers themselves, the Cult of Hordak also noticed her and tried to recruit her. While she refused them, the cult managed to use her to free the giant sorcerer Morgoth from his prison. When Morgoth attacked Castle Grayskull, Kuduk Ungol defended it and send Morgoth back to the Prison Zone.
    Kuduk Ungol is still Sorceress of Grayskull today. While she does keep a pet Falcon (named Zoar, after the second sorceress), her heraldic bird is an eagle (though not the giant eagle, as Zoar's, but wandering eagle).

    Teela Na
    While it hasn't happened yet, we know that Teela Na, great-great-dranddaughter of Teela and Oo-Lar, will succeed Kuduk Ungol as the Sorceress of Grayskull. The only other things we know are that she will freeze the entire Dark Hemisphere in time for more than a decade and bestow the Sword of Power on the legendary prophesied actual He-Man. Inspired by Kuduk Ungol's pet Zoar, her bird will be a falcon.

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    Wow! So many Sorceresses you have there, Capeträger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neophron View Post
    Wow! So many Sorceresses you have there, Capeträger.
    Eleven, if I didn't miscount. Plus one Sorcerer and the Spirit of Grayskull. Several are still lacking names, though. I'm looking through the character guide for figures of the past who could be them, bit so far none really clicked.

    And this is just my version where it has been five hundred years since Grayskull. I wouldn't know where to start if I wanted to make a list for Classics, where it is five thousand years ...

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