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Thread: Are you buying Classics Snake Mountain?

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    Dude, they WILL ship internationally. It’s much easier to negotiate a flat rate for the continental US than it is all across the world. I in most cases the shipping Ill be similar (i.e. Europe) and in some maybe even cheaper (Asia?).

    I don’t understand why people are losing their marbles over this.
    Quote Originally Posted by Thrillhouse View Post
    I was all in until the pre-order went up...... US only.... International to be determined.

    So, I probably can't get Snake Mountain. And if by some miracle they do ship overseas it now looks like postage will cost as much as SM itself.

    Pretty annoyed this wasn't announced earlier. I've been saving up for a year only to be shut down on day 1 of the sale.
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    Shoot, I went ahead and pulled the trigger, using the payment plan. My brother and I just got the Khetanna, why not get something else humongous to not have a place for LOL.
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    If buying I suggest going thru Entertainment Earth...There is no deposit required, $90 shipping, and no payment until shipment. But there is a limited number of preorders. Hurry!
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    I just got mine through EE, which ended up being a cheaper option that BBTS or Super7 themselves. Any penny saved with an item like this is a bonus!

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    Sadly --No. I bought Castle Grayskull and felt guilty paying $300 for that so there's no way I can rationalize paying $600-$700 for something slightly bigger (no matter how cool it looks).

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    I really wish I could, but it's way out of my price range. I still regret not getting Castle Grayskull, and for my money (no pun intended) Snake Mountain is several magnitudes cooler, but I'm going to have to pass.

    Quote Originally Posted by Razzerian View Post
    Dude, they WILL ship internationally. It’s much easier to negotiate a flat rate for the continental US than it is all across the world. I in most cases the shipping Ill be similar (i.e. Europe) and in some maybe even cheaper (Asia?).

    I don’t understand why people are losing their marbles over this.
    I'm in the UK (which is still kinda Europe, for the moment...!) and historically no, shipping costs have most definitely *not* been similar to the US rates. The shipping for CG ended up being only a few dollars shy of the price of the castle itself, for example. And then there's customs charges, which are unpredictable and frustratingly inconsistent... Not that there's much S7 can do about that, it costs what it costs, but I can see why international fans would think twice!
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    Of course !
    No collection will be complete without it !

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    Bought it last week.. (hope it goes through)..

    Absolutely NO place to put the wife n i live an apartment.. BUT i need it none the less..

    i'll have a place for it someday...

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    I'd love to, but it's just too cost prohibitive for me, plus space is a premium. That and I had to drop $300 last week on a vet bill lol! Pesky life getting in the way of my toys!!!

    This thing is a beaut, for sure!
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    Already preordered! This is/will be holy grail of MOTU collectibles for years to come, there is no way Iím gonna pass!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rex_tech View Post
    Passed. It is off scale compare with CG.

    Doesn't the SM disassemble top and bottom and fold? The box dimension Brian mentioned is just like shipping the SM in display mode.

    And the gimmick capture net is missing also?
    You’re not taking into account all of the styrofoam packaging inside, in order to keep the set from breaking.

    Snake Mountain is FAR bigger than Grayskull. It is not being shipped assembled. However, it is so large, that the box needs to be as big as Flynn said in order to accommodate all of the packaging.

    Check out the packing box that Hasbro used for the recent Jabba’s sail barge.

    The net WILL be included. It says so on the sales page on Super7’s site
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    I voted no, because I only collect figures, and they are expensive enough. That said, I am extremely happy that Snake Mountain is being made. I had serious doubts that it was even possible after S7 took over.

    I'm very happy for all of you that ordered one, and I hope it's awesome!
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    Make Skeletor's Bone Throne a buyable separate Item

    Super 7 should make Skeletor's Bone Throne a buyable, separate item as a means to make money and for those not wanting, do not have the space for it or cannot afford the price for Snake Mountain in its entirety. Just a thought, this is.
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    If I have the money i will buy them all especially Snake Mountain... Even I have no space, I can put that boxed of awesomeness somewhere and admire it for what it is. Money is the only main issue, other issues are manageable in due time.

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    If I had the funds available I would absolutely, without question, purchase Classics Snake Mountain. I literally cannot afford it. I do not mean I could purchase it but the money has to go elsewhere, I mean I literally do not have money right now.

    So it is on the list of "things I will go after when I am in a position to". I'd rather get it now because I am not holding out hope that it will not increase in price as time goes by after it is released. But I promise you if there is a way to purchase one in the future and I can literally do it, I will.

    I do not feel like any of the 3 optional answers cover how I feel about it. Yes, I am purchasing it. But no I have to "skip it" for now because I cannot actually purchase it. Every intention is there to own it so it is sorta a fore-gone conclusion it will happen. And since it is not a "choice" to not buy it now, I am not "choosing" to skip it for now, it is just passing me by.

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