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Thread: WTS He-Man and The Masters of the Universe 200X Figures and Playsets All Unopened

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    WTS He-Man and The Masters of the Universe 200X Figures and Playsets All Unopened

    I've decided to part ways with my VERY LARGE He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 2002 toy collection. This massive lot is comprised of over 70 figures, 15 playsets and vehicles, 4 comic con exclusives and an assortment of other things I picked up along the way. In total, this lot has over 100 pieces to. All figures, sets, vehicles and toys are still UNOPENED and SEALED in their original packaging, complete.
    Some things to highlight, first and foremost, would be the comic con exclusives. The Keldor was signed(I think..) by the Four Horseman (He-Man toy designers), Val Staples, and other people associated with He-man toys and Comics in the early to mid-2000s. This figure is still sealed in its original box.

    Other things of note is that I have many variants and a couple duplicates. All pictures can be viewed (HERE)

    Sadly, and it hurts me to say, these aren’t in mint condition (with exception to the comic con exclusives.) Some of the board backs have bent corners or are warped from not being stored so well in a basement. Regardless, all figures, vehicles, and sets are new and unopened and are complete.

    Please note, this is a large, VERY large lot. It will take time and money to pack and ship these. So please be patient after purchase. I will do my best to get these shipped within a reasonable time for a reasonable cost.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Sorry, I won’t be piecing any figure out separately. All sales are final, no returns.
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    I am interested in some of these items.

    Please message me on FB messenger at: George Sugarwood

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