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Thread: Throwback (throwup) Stinkor Mini SDCC Super7 Air Freshener --- QUESTIONS

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    Throwback (throwup) Stinkor Mini SDCC Super7 Air Freshener --- QUESTIONS

    I got a Stinkor Air-Freshener that was a SDCC 2015 item. I was stupid enough to assume it smelled like Patchouli Oil as that is what they added to the original figure's plastic to make him "stink."
    What horrible stink did they use?
    I could barely open the plastic before a HORRIBLE unearthly stink was upon me.
    It was the worst thing I have ever smelled.
    Is there a way to get that stink to go away?
    I was actually hoping to put it in my car but there is NO way I can with the stench it has.
    It is like acid and vomit and rotten death all together.
    Should I laminate it?
    Seal it back up forever?
    Hide it in a coworker's desk?
    Any thoughts, reflections from others dumb enough to open this?

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    Oh man...I was just looking at one on eBay and thought it would be cool to get. I love Stinkor and loved the way he smelled but this sounds like a cursed object!

    I would either laminate it or wrap it up in a lot of newspaper for awhile and hope for the best....

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    I have two of these and opened one thinking also it would smell like patchouli, how wrong I was lol! it smells like hot garbage that has been sitting in a dumpster on a 90 degree day... truly awful!
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    I wonder if this is what caused the delay of ReAction Stinkor.

    I love Stinkor, but he’s gotta stink just right.

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