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Thread: MOTU Light-up Power Sword

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    MOTU Light-up Power Sword

    Just came across my old Power Sword while going through some boxes, unfortunately a bit cracked and missing whatever used to light up.
    I’ve tried to google it but I can't seem to find anything regarding this particular version, this sword was bought in Portugal circa 1986, measures 61cm (about 24”), have a light green blade, a blue grip with a small Tudor logo engraved (Tudor was a well known Portuguese battery company), and a slightly distinct guard connection, it also had the now lost MOTU logo sticker below the blade as seen in the apparently more common swords that I’ve found on the Web.
    I also have this recollection that when switched on, a Filmation ‘By the Power of Grayskull’ or ‘I Have the Power’ audio sample would be played, but could be just my imagination.

    If anyone could share any info on this, I’m all ears.


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    This was available in the US too; I had it. The handle was all black, and there was no sound feature.

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