From the "Fantanauti - Space-time Warriors" toyline, made exlusively for the Italian market in 1985 by Takara, Japan, comes the warrior Totila, the heroic warrior with magnetic, detachable joints (and He-man face )

A quite rare figure from a toyline that only spawned 2 figures and 2 steeds because they were quite pricey at the time, Totila is the rarest of the two (the other, evil guy is named Wiscid). The figure is complete, the joints are tight (see how he can stand and hold poses in the pictures) with some scratches to the chromed wings on the helmet. It's complete of all its original accessories with a firing missile that still fire nicely and far. Please note the rounded missile tip, as required by Italian laws in the early 80s for safety reasons. No rust on the magnetic joints, with its original tray and lid. The box is not present but for the front size, that I'll include with the pruchase.
I'm selling it for 145 US dollars, worldwide shipping from Italy included. I know it may seems pricey, but this figure is incredibly rare, especially this complete. Just search his name on the electronic-bay and see for yourself.
I accept payments via paypal and bank wire.