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    Chronicles of Grayskull

    After the Ancients
    the Wizards of Good
    the Council of Elders
    the Seven Devils
    the Sorcerer Kings
    the He-Men
    the Beast Gods
    the Royal Family of Eternia
    and the Guardians of Grayskull
    I now show you something a little different:

    The Chronicles of Grayskull:

    Part One: From the Birth of D'Vann Grayskull to the Birth of He-Ra

    The numbering starts with zero at the birthyear of D'Vann Grayskull. At the birth of his daughter, the numbering changes with the first number being the years since the birth of D'Vann and the second number the years since the birth of his daughter.

    This is obviously incomplete and will be updated from time to time.

    Chronicles of Grayskull

    0: D'Vann is born as the son of the Green Goddess and Grey of the Skull Tribe. The Goddess gives him to his father to raise him. Grey's wife accepts him as her child.

    9: Haramesh becomes king of the Ilkorts.

    14: A mysterious rainbow-colored force brings the eleven year old Veena to Eternia. She finds shelter with the Swan Knights, a group of noble warriors from Etheria led by Lord Bryon. Seeing her talent for magic, Bryon sends Veena to the hermit wizard R'tendril aka Eldor who accepts her as her student.

    15: D'Vann is seemingly saves an old woman from a monster but it is actually the Goddess testing him. She gives him his axe and harnish. Returning home he learns that Snake Man governor Vypor has taken his brother as tribute, goes to Vypor's tower to get him back and comes to late. When Vypor comes to punish the Skull Tribe for D'Vann's attack, the Skull Tribe manages to fight the Snake Men off. The Green Tiger Tribe, the Ape Clan and the Snake Clan who hear about that, send help against Vypor's further attacks and rise against the Snake Men themselves. Together and with the help of Moss Man the united barbarian tribes beat the army of General Sssqueeze.

    16: More people join the uprising. Among them are the city of Mah and its leader Tyn-Mah, the first studied sorcerer that they have, the Neptunians led by Aquarus as well as the Caligar led by Cerator. When the Green Goddess appears and gifts D'Vann the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings, they decide to make him the leader of the new Alliance of the Free People of Eternia. The tribe leaders in the alliance form the Council of Elders.

    17: News of the uprising reach other parts of Preternia and there are rebellions in several places, including Anwat Gar and Zalesia. In Zalesia, it is the slave Nikolas who starts the rebellion by stealing the Havoc Staff and killing the city's Snake Man ruler, Lord Hornhead. A week later, Nikolas is crowned king of a freed Zalesia and the wizard Keclar, a zalesian noble who also fought in the rebellion, becomes his adviser. In Anwat Gar, the sage Adi does not start the uprising but when there is the first open rebellion he orders some of his students, among them a man named Gorto, to assasinate most of the Snake Men leaders in a single night. After this successful coup, Adi is made one of the rebellion's leaders. During the same time, Hordak flies an attack on Snake Mountain that ends with his ship crash landing on Eternia and Grizzlor landing near Andreenos in an escape pod. A crazed Grizzlor terrorizes the area until an electrical shock brings him back to his senses and he goes on a search for Hordak.

    18: The Alliance grows continually. D'Vann tries to also win the dragons for it. While he fails, he does win Lord Bryon, his adopted daughter Veena and the wizard Eldor as new allies in the process. The Evil Horde turns a cave into the Fright Zone. From this base, they fight the Snake Men and free villages from their rule. Several villagers join the Evil Horde, including a farmer named Zodac Zur whom Hordak merges with Demo-Man into the warrior Zodemor. When Hordak frees a giant snake that the Snake Men use as a beast of burden, it becomes extremely loyal to him and he uses it to guard the Fright Zone. The Great Black Wizard makes a deal with the Spirit of Evil to become a dragon again, taking back his original name Shadow Wing, and create an army of dragon-human-hybrids he calls Draego-Men.

    19: When fighting the Snake Man general Strettch Nek, D'Vann breaks the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings. From that moment, luck seems to have abandoned the Alliance. D'Vann reforges the broken sword at the bottomless shaft of the Green Goddess into the Sword of Power and beats Strettch Nek. Shadow Wing and his army fight the dragons of Darksmoke, but Shadow Wing is killed by Granamyr himself and only one Draego-Man survives the battle. In the village of Gaz, Vikor is born.

    20: In a battle against the Snake Men the cyborg Horde member called Ro-Borg is damaged and captured. Interested in his technology, the Snake Men keep him in a prisoner camp run by Fang-or. After the death of Shadow Wing at the hands of Granamyr, the last surviving of Shadow Wing's Draego-Men seeks shelter with the Alliance. D'Vann takes him as one of his warriors, which does not help the Alliance's relationship with the dragons. Shortly after, D'Vann and his warriors liberate Fang-or's prisoner camp. Among the freed prisoners is a man with malfunctioning metal parts whom Eldor can free from those. Having no memories but a talent for magic, he becomes Eldor's apprentice Gray. A slave revolt in Targa takes over the city but is then brutally beaten down by the Snake Men. A single surviving slave, a gladiator, takes Gladiator as his name and fights the oppressors from the shadows. In the Valley of Mammoths, the giant Tytus notices metal parts growing on his triceratops as well as wild animals that drink from a certain river. He takes the most affected triceratops with him as an example when he searches for the origin of this.

    21: A knight in a magical armor joins D'Vann's warriors and Veena names him Sir Laser-Lot. He knows that the Snake Men have joined forces with the wizard Nazghal and are planning something. While some of his warriors follow that lead and find out that the Snake Men are planning to use the Medaillon of Serpos and a magical obelisk created after Nazghals specifications to bring back Serpos, D'Vann meets with the giant Tytus who brings news about metal parts growing on animals. A masked stranger shows that he is able to work with the changed animals and tames one Tytus brought with him that he calls Bionatops. At the same time, a warlord named Skeletor joins the alliance of Hiss and Nazghal. He helps Hiss control the half-robotic warsaur Tyrantisaurus Rex. Gray remembers that his name is Ro. As battle wizard He-Ro, wielding the jeweled staff of Allenar, he joins the fight. D'Vann's warriors, including Tytus, He-Ro and the stranger, manage to beat Skeletor and the stranger takes the warlord with him to the future. D'Vann has Tytus recruit some giants to help him build a new fortress against Serpos. When it turns out that Skeletor took the Medaillon of Serpos so Hiss can't awaken him, D'Vann still let's the construction continue. Shadow Wing is reborn in the Underworld as the demonic black dragon Demonwing.

    22: The Evil Horde, a group led by the wizard Hordak that is fighting the Snake Men for some time, joins the Alliance. At the same time, the Gar reach out to the Alliance to coordinate their effort against the Snake Men. Kazira of the Snake Clan is murdered by unknown hands, probably at orders of King Hiss. Gladiator joins D'Vann's warriors and gets outfitted with a blaster from the Evil Horde. Grizzlor finally finds Hordak and rejoins the Evil Horde.

    23: Thanks to giants and sorcerers working on it, the fortress of Grayskull is ready just in time for an all-out attack by Hiss' army. The walls resist even his most devastating spells and when rebels in other parts of Preternia use the absence of most of the Snake Men forces to their advantage (the Zalesians, for example, take several strongholds and villages around the city) and D'Vann's Caligar and Neptunian allies attack the flanks of Hiss' army with the help of Moss Man, the king of the Snake Men is forced to retreat. Eldor sees the power in the walls of Castle Grayskull and hides the Priest's Mask, also known as Demon Mask, here, as the power would keep Lord Masque dormant.

    24: Hiss and several rebel leaders meet on neutral ground for negotiations. Here, D'Vann, Veena and Hordak meet Nikolas of Zalesia and Keclar for the first time. It is also the first time they meet Adi in person, though they have worked with the rebels from Anwat Gar before. Adi has Gorto with him as his bodyguard. Nikolas falls for Veena who is already in love with D'Vann, though. Hordak tries to have Hiss assassinated by Zodemor but fails and has to cover it up. As a part of this, he splits Zodemor up into Zodac and Demo-Man and leaves Zodac to Grayskull as one of his warriors. Hiss agrees to grant the rebel territories sovereignty. The fortress of Grayskull becomes Castle Grayskull and D'Vann Lord Grayskull. Interested in this powerful building, Hiss demands connecting it to Snake Mountain via a line of three towers. As a sign of peace, you know. Nikolas of Zalesia comes to Castle Grayskull together with Keclar. A human warrior named Greenscale arrives in Grayskull as ambassador of the Snake Men. He is actually King Hiss in disguise. The Crimson Countess summons Demonwing from the Underworld.

    25: While the towers are build, more of He-Ro's memories are slowly coming back. D'Vann expands the Council of Elders to not only include rulers of the Alliance but also ones from outside, like Nikolas, and experts and advisers with no former political power. While Keclar is not yet among them, he represents Zalesia in the Council in Nikolas' stead when Nikolas fulfills his duties as a king at home. Also, the peace between the Alliance and the Snake Men leads to a conflict with the dragons that turns into a war. During this, Nikolas of Zalesia saves Aquarus from an attack by an amphibious dragon but D'Vann's father Grey falls. He-Ro tames a cyborg pterosaur that he calls Turbodactyl and rides it in battle. Demonwing and his gang of Monster Warriors plunder Gaz, kill Vikor's father Vulkar and steal the village's only sword.

    26: The dragons retreat to Darksmoke and Draego-Man leaves the Alliance. The towers are completed and Central Tower, connected to Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain, turns into a strange and powerful place. The Alliance and the Snake Men agree to never use it. He-Ro becomes the chairman of the Council of Elders. Adi comes to Grayskull and joins the Council of Elders, representing the Gar in the Alliance together with two others. His former bodyguard Gorto joins Grayskull's warriors. When Veena and D'Vann get married, Nikolas, who is also in love with Veena, breaks the treaty by using Central Tower to see the future. He sees D'Vann's funeral in the not so far future but also has a terrifying encounter with a mysterious faceless figure wielding the Havoc Staff and a vision of his future daughter before he loses consciousness and is saved by He-Ro. Hordak reveals this to King Hiss. The Council of Elders, Nicolas himself included, decides to magically imprison Nikolas in his palace in Zalesia so Hiss would see him getting punished and not start a war over the breach of the treaty. Keclar plans to stay with him. Not confident with that, Hiss turns the land around Zalesia into a desert, forcing the Zalesians to give their city up, leaving their imprisoned king behind. Keclar leads his people to the land of the Alliance.

    27: The zalesian refugees reach the Alliance and He-Ro has strange adventures in the newly created desert that he dubs the Sands of Time. Representing the Zalesians in Nikolas' place, Keclar becomes a permanent member of the Council of Elders. Tension between the Alliance and the Snake Men rises and finally, Hiss declares war (and calls back his ambassador Greenscale who is himself). During the same time Beast Lord and several of his warriors come to Grayskull to seek an alliance against the Snake Men. Seeing the final war coming, the Green Goddess assumes a human guise and joins Grayskull's side as Sharella.

    28: The Snake Men try to get control over all three towers because that would allow them to send their troops directly from Snake Mountain into Castle Grayskull. It looks like they could actually win the war, as they take Central Tower. Beast Lord becomes a member of the Council of Elders. He-Ro begins a relationship with the warrior Sharella. One of Grayskull's soldiers who is stationed in a Horde outpost builds a special armor while under attack from Snake Men and becomes Bandwidth.

    29: With help from time travelers Zodak, Zeelahr and Sy-Klone (the latter posing as his own grandfather) D'Vann's warriors manage to take Central Tower back and the Evil Horde captures General Rattlor and Tung Lashor. He-Ro uses the power of Central Tower to defend it against the Snake Men. Since the Snake Men are expecting an attack on Viper Tower, Sy-Klone counsels D'Vann to attack Snake Mountain instead. Also they are the first to mention the term Heroic Warriors. The plan works and when Hiss orders his troops back to the mountain, the Alliance's troops have already made it inside. The warrior Sharella, actually the Green Goddess, seems to die in this last battle when hit by a poisoned arrow from Snake Man archer Quick Flick, and loses her staff to the Snake Men. Eldor, who recognizes her as the Green Goddess, secretly brings her to the Crystal Cave to heal. Zeelahr is actually killed by Hiss, and Zodak sends Hiss and most of his army into the Timeless Dimension when he actually intends to kill them. Hordak, who is also present, has his mages analyze the banishing spell. After the battle, the time travelers leave again. Shortly after, a girl is born in the Green Tiger Tribe and named Sharella after the fallen Heroic Warrior.

    30: The Alliance breaks into several new kingdoms. Hordak wants to be king of the new kingdom of Eternia, but the population and the Council of Elders, especially He-Ro who remembers more about Hordak now, decide on Grayskull. As King Grayskull is crowned, Hordak angrily leaves the Alliance. The Council of Elders is formalized as part of the Government. After Mother Tetsudo prays to several Snake Men deities for help, the Snake Goddess appears to the Snake Men civilians and leads them to a big warm cave where they found the city of Jatoria. Mother Tetsudo herself, however, becomes a member of the Council of Elders. Rumor's say that a child is born to the still sick Green Goddess during this year, but there is no proof of it.

    31: More new realms are created all over Eternia. The Mighty Spector appears to tell King Grayskull about the Sky Throne, a powerful artifact hidden on Eternia. Grayskull sends his Heroic Warriors out to find it. At the same time, Hordak learns a few secrets of Eternia that the Snake Men had figured out from Rattlor and Tung Lashor, who pledge loyalty to him, as they believe Hssss to be dead. Hordak makes a plan based on that and orders his mages to create the Triad of Discidium.

    32: He-Ro and Sir Laser-Lot discover the Skull of Power. When the skull and Laser-Lot's sword that is powered by the Gem of Tamadge make contact inside Central Tower, both the skull and Laser-Lot vanish to the future. Zodac finds the Sky Throne, but when he sits on it, it activates and the Cosmic Enforcers call it home with Zodac on it. Hordak's mages complete the Triad of Discidium.

    33: Hordak uses the Spell of Separation to threaten to destroy the planet Eternia. When his threat is ignored, he actually casts it, magnified by the Triad of Discidium. This breaks the continent Preternia apart and causes the Three Towers and the Temple of the Unnamed One to sink into the ground. The area of Jatoria becomes the Cold Zone, but the cave itself stays habitable. In the Mountains of Perpetua, earthquakes destroy most of the giants' civilization. Procrustus has to work hard to avoid an even bigger disaster. Grayskull still refuses to give in and the Heroic Warriors fight the Horde. He-Ro is hit by a spell from Hordak himself that seems to kill him. During the same battle, Tytus kills the Horde giant Megator. When Hordak sees his plan failing, he finds that he can't just stop the spell and is forced to destroy the triad. He-Ro is revived by his staff. Fearing that another confrontation with Hordak could be equally devastating, Grayskull goes to visit the Oracle. As it turns out, Turbodactyl has problems flying in the new climate and his unaltered relatives as well as the dragosaurus do even worse. The climate around Gaz also becomes cold and harsh and Vikor leaves to become a mercenary.

    34/0: The Goddess reappears for the last time and reveals all her secrets to Veena, making her the first Sorceress of Grayskull. King Grayskull is given some advice and the second half of the Sword of the Ancients by the Oracle. He comes back right when Hordak lays siege to Castle Grayskull. In the following battle, King Grayskull unlocks his full power for the first time. When one Horde mage (the one who would later be known as Horde Wraith) tries to use the Spell of Banishment on him, he reflects it with his sword and Hordak and his personal guard (except for Callix) and some more Horde members, get sucked into Despondos. Hordak hits Grayskull with a last spell that proves enough to kill him. Keclar does not fight in the battle himself but witnesses the events and learns the Spell of Banishment in the process. The remaining Horde flees and returns to the Fright Zone. Veena takes the Sword of Power and hides it inside Castle Grayskull. After Grayskull's funeral, the Council of Elders is declared the ruling body of Eternia until Grayskull's yet unborn daughter will be crowned ruling queen. Aquarus abdicates in favor of his sister to become a full-time member of the council. The Caligar choose a new ruler when Cerator becomes unavailable for the same reason. The Council of Elders moves to the Hall of Wisdom and gets bound to the Orb of Power, but Ola of the Ape Clan dies before she can be bound and He-Ro refuses to get bound because he also still serves as the leader of the Heroic Warriors. Eldor leaves Grayskull to return to his solitary life. Tytus leaves to help his people in the devastated Mountains of Perpetua. Moss Man returns to Evergreen Forest. Later this year, D'Vann's and Veena's daughter is born. He-Ro begins a relationship with Saryn, a member of the staff of council member Adi. An engineer named Dawg-o-tor leaves the Horde and founds the Fighting Foe Men with Sherrilyn and Ditstroyer. Procrustus creates the Rock People to help him repairing the damage caused by Hordak.

    35/1: With the help of Lord Custar of the Rhinotaurs, Vikor banishes Demonwing and takes the Sword of Gaz. While fighting the Horde (led by Callix), remaining hostile Snake Men (especially a group called the Diabolical Snakes) and the new Fighting Foe Men, plunderers who use Horde technology, He-Ro meets the mercenary Vikor who joins the Heroic Warriors. Later Veena gives Vikor the Sword of the Sorcerer Kings, making him the first He-Man. A Caligar architect who is tasked with creating a connection to an area of Subternia that has been cut of by Hordak's spell of Separation finds it impossible and asks the demon Kraal for help. Kraal creates the connection but claims it for himself, creating the Demon Zone.

    36/2: The Golden Discs of Knowledge are written.

    38/4: He-Ro, Vikor and the Heroic Warriors capture the leaders of the Fighting Foe Men. After this victory, He-Ro makes Vikor the leader of the Heroic Warriors and concentrates more on ruling Eternia as chairman of the Council of Elders. Vikor smashes Callix and the Heroic Warriors take the Fright Zone which ends the threat of the Evil Horde for now. The Horde Wraith, as he is now called, escapes.

    39/5: The Fighting Foe Men seem beaten completely. The Council of Elders decides to confiscate all Horde technology and put it under their control.

    40/6: Dawg-o-tor, former leader of the Fighting Foe Men becomes the first Man-At-Arms, a position created to responsibly use the technology left by the Horde.

    41/7: The Diabolic Snakes led by Terroar break into Castle Grayskull and attack the royal family. Dawg-o-tor saves the life of Grayskull's daughter. At his plea, his former accomplices Sherrilyn and Ditstroyer get pardoned and work in his workshop in the palace

    42/8: A mysterious green skinned girl shows up at Eldor's home and wants to be his student. He accepts her but is wary. He-Ro breaks up with Saryn

    43/9: The green skinned girl tries to steal the Book of Living Spells. Eldor stops her and she runs away. He-Ro marries Sherrilyn

    44/10: Sherrilyn and He-Ro have a son.

    46/12: He-Ro and Sherrilyn have their second son. Planning to live a quieter live now, He-Ro gets bound to the Orb of Power. Adi and his accomplices attempt a coup, He-Ro is killed by Saryn with the shape-shifting jewel from He-Ro's own staff, which also severs his connection to the Orb of Power, but Gorto's attack on Veena and her daughter fails when Vikor intervenes and kills Gorto. Fights break out and most assassins die, but Adi and Saryn are among the ones who escape. They hide at Point Dread with Terroar and his Diabolic Snakes. One of the other two Gar in the Council of Elders also severs his connection to the Orb of Power and goes back to Anwat Gar. He avoids a war but can't stop Anwat Gar from going into isolation. No new chairman for the Council of Elders is appointed.

    47/13: The first play that portrays Klingsor as a god of evil is put on stage in Eternia. Grayskull's daughter starts getting sword fighting lessons from Sharella.

    48/14: A tribe of Beast Men makes a deal with the spirit of Avios (aka Zoar) and gains wings.

    49/15: Ditstroyer steals the prototype of the Talon Fighter and attacks Castle Grayskull. He can steal several artifacts including the Crystal of Allenar and the Demon Mask.

    50/16: Veena gives her daughter the second half of the Sword of the Ancients. Before being crowned queen, said daughter flees from Castle Grayskull.

    51/17: While traveling, Grayskull's daughter is recognized by the sword and attacked by the Diabolic Snakes and some renegade Gar, all working for Adi. She is brought to Point Dread. Vikor hears about that and follows the kidnappers' trail. Saryn frees Grayskull's daughter, gives her the shape shifting jewel and flees. Grayskull's daughter flees too, meets Vikor and together they go back and beat Adi, or as it turns out, the spirit of King Hiss. The princess returns home but does not become queen. Instead, she becomes the main guardian of Castle Grayskull and leader of the Heroic Warriors while the Council of Elders keeps ruling Eternia. Vikor gives the Sword of Power back to Veena who hides it in a secret place. He also decides to return to Gaz.

    52/18: Ditztroyer constructs the Magic Stealer to take the magic of Eternia for himself. Grayskull's daughter stops him. Mother Tetsudo severs her connection to the Orb of Power and seeks out the now leaderless Diabolic Snakes and offers them a second chance. Many, including Quick Flick, take this offer and she leads them to Jatoria. Vikor arrives in Gaz and learns that Demonwing is back and terrorizing Morainia.

    53/19: The warlord Lodar appears in Targa and creates a magical gate to the planet Goblan. He hires the Goblins, Orcs, Torcs and Kobolds coming through it and takes over Targa. Through the gate also come trolls and Arachna Spider Warriors. Vikor fights Demonwing and his Monster Warriors in Morainia.

    54/20: While traveling, Grayskull's daughter meets Princess Rana and frees her home city of Targa from the warlord Lodar, destroying his magical gate to the planet Goblan. In the fight, Lodar shatters the shapeshifting jewel. Rana becomes queen of Targa. From the biggest piece of the jewel and her half of the Sword of the Ancients, Grayskull's daughter forges the Sword of Protection. Vikor banishes Demonwing again but can't kill the Crimson Countess. He goes on a search for a weapon to take her out.

    57/23: The Arachna Spider Warriors settle in the Canyon of Spiders and start worshiping the giant spider Spydor.

    58/24: Skytree gives Vikor one of his branches to use against the Crimson Countess.

    60/26: The Winged Tribe invades the Plateau of the Unnamed One in the Mystic Mountains and drive away the Ilkorts. The Ilkorts become nomadic plunderers. Vikor banishes Demonwing a third time and incapacitates the Crimson Countess by driving Skytrees branch through her heart. Since taking the branch out would revive her, he buries her in a secret place.

    62/28: Ilkorts led by Haramesh plunder Eternia. Grayskull's daughter stops them.

    65/31: Grayskull's daughter falls in love with the older son of He-Ro. At this point, only Veena lives still in Castle Grayskull.

    68/34: Grayskull's daughter and He-Ro's son get married. Haramesh makes a deal with Kraal so the Ilkorts can settle in the Demon Zone.

    69/35/0: The girl who would become known as He-Ra is born to Grayskull's daughter and He-Ro's son.
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