Vizar- the intellegence officer of the galactic guardians. His helmet aided him in his recon work, as well as having a sixth sense displayed in the cartoon. I beat you him and nocturna were behind the lines on Denebria and Nordor plenty of time with more close calls then they would have liked. Like most of the NA characters, i really feel their figures should be the best elements from both the cartoon and their counterpart action figures, and that exactly what i did with Vizar. Recipe: Used a dekker buck with rotar lower arms and hands,Dawgator Armor with a piece of the helmet attached to it, hydron loin and leg, dekker leg and darius boots. The Head is palace guard with a weapon X helemt on him. Gun and Hook are stand ins till a talented young buck can create a more authentic one on shapeways. I mixed and matched looks, no camo pants (cartoon) with blue and black belt(toy), gloves like the cartoon buck like the toy, etc, etc. Anyway hope you like the recipe.