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    Aremesh-The Trollon electroid, a robot made of pure energy, that came to Eternia to steal the Dimension Sphere. I could see him joining Lady Slithers Revenge Squad. To follow the filmation version strictly, the figure would be extremely boring, so i but him through my own version of the Classizier. That being said, One rule i try to stay true to is to use MOTUC parts on all the figures, barring specialty products needed. But in his case, i wasnt feeling Axels design for him, and wanted ti use some multi bot parts but was having trouble getting to fit, so used some DVUC Parts which worked out great. Recipe- Used a Blast Attack buck, with DCUC Gold Arms (not sure whos they are), he-ro loin, and DCUC battle armor Lex luthor legs. Carnivus Cape and Head and symbol from the shapeways shop of Eternal Customs, eternal grateful for taking the time to make those for me. Lightning effect from a Star Wars emperor palpatine figure and hover board I bought years ago from some guy on the internet.
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    I know I already posted this this on face book, but I'll post my comment again here:

    Wow, great job, it really captures both the cartoon essence, and the Classics vibe.

    Good choice on selecting the parts to combine and a very clean painting too.

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    Looks great..

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