Title says it all, folks.

For those unaware, back in 2003 during the 200x line and before Matty Collector, there was virtually no way for folks to get the SDCC exclusives that were offered from Mattel for MOTU. Keldor was the absolute hottest exclusive that year, and many were feeling dismayed that they would be unable to obtain the item. Even folks in attendance had difficulty obtaining this as there was a lottery system set in place.

Val started a thread merely as a gauge to see how many folks who were unable to obtain the Con that year woul d be interested in Keldor, as seen here:


The prevailing theory was that folks who posted their interest would be entered into a drawing of sorts to see who would be the lucky winner of such a drawing. Unbeknownst to all of us, Val and Jeremy Padawar (Brand Manager at the time) convinced Mattel to produce an extra amount for these fans, and sure enough all those folks who posted were able to obtain one. These were dubbed the 'Keldor 500' as roughly 500 or so Keldors were produced for board members only.

Well, after being in my possession for the last 16 years (as I was one of the fortunate recipients), I have moved on from the 200x line and have decided to sell my 200x collection. This version of Keldor was packed in a special white mailer box that was similar to other exclusives offered at the time (Faker/Moss Man/Snake Teela) to distinguish it from the standard Keldor that was packed in a black mailer box. If anyone is interested in this very rare piece (as you rarely see these offered), shoot me an email at [email protected].