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    Primus Pilot

    Primus Pilot-This one became more of a kit bash for me. For those that didnt know there were alot of different soldiers that came out In Different garb through out the NA cartoon, the most common were in blue with the yellow headband helmets. The second most common one were the pilots, who had patches over one eye and pilot the astrosubs. Recipe- Used a castle of power unhelmeted battle ram driver, with a Dawgator buck and dare loin, legs, and gray boots, seahawk arm. i found a cool fodder jacket,looked good for him and weapons were from a fodder lot. No where close to 100% accurate, a down and dirty representation of him.

    primus pilot1.jpg
    primus pilot2.jpg
    primus pilots.png

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    Nice! Looks good!
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    i wanted to try one of these, but it's such a difficult design for me to reproduce
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