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Thread: DEATHSWORN!-An 80s inspired epic space fantasy comic!

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    DEATHSWORN!-An 80s inspired epic space fantasy comic!

    Hey everyone! I mentioned in my introduction post that I'm a comic creator and was encouraged to post some of my work over here!

    My comic is called DEATHSWORN, its heavily inspired by MOTU and my love of all things 80s! I suppose I should tell you what its about so here's the pitch!

    "The Darkstars, An empire of sun stealing solar vampires are taking over the galaxy. Using the energy from suns for their own survival and to fuel their takeover they have enslaved and killed thousands of planetary systems.
    One hardened warrior with a burning vengeance stands against them. But DEATHSWORN must learn to work with a rebel princess and a wild card pilot if he hopes to survive."

    I've been working on it for a long time, even had a publisher that was releasing smaller chapters but I've decided to take it into my own hands and release it myself through crowdfunding. (Already funded within the first 24 hours! WOO!)

    wffzupzfto1ooxar7vcf.jpg coot5zfb6yviwlablwpo.jpg wimxvu67wyxp2jkv4ulm.jpg

    If you want to see more or check it out you can head on over to the Indiegogo page here!

    I wanted to try post here earlier because I had some really cool MOTU inspired figurines available but they all sold out!


    Thanks for checking my stuff out!!!

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