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Thread: Stud and the BloodBlade!

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    Stud and the BloodBlade!

    Hey, everybody. I'm a writer working on a comic book that's inspired by He-Man--a big beefy barbarian in a world of monsters and heroes, wizards and spaceships, and plenty of good puns. It's somewhere between a tribute and a parody of He-Man--maybe a deconstruction?

    To promote the comic, we printed preview ashcans of the first five pages of the comic, along with some background info, and we made the ashcans in the size and spirit of the original minicomics that came with the vintage MOTU figures. Here are some photos of the ashcan:





    The artist and I are going to be at Power-Con, and we'll have some of the preview ashcans, so if you're going to be at Power-Con, please stop by and say hi and check out the ashcan!

    We also created a trailer for the comic--including a radical theme song!

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