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Thread: Episode 25: "Remember" (SPOILERS!)

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    Episode 25: "Remember" (SPOILERS!)

    This thread is for the fifth episode of season 3 entitled "Remember."

    Please feel free to discuss anything before and including the episode.

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    Kinda weird seeing Shadow Weaver treat Catra so tenderly.
    I am Imp's number one fan.

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    Maybe it's the episode's placement, the fact that it's obvious that everything we're seeing isn't real, or that there's just no consistency of character due to the nature of the syory, but I honestly found this episode a bit of a slog to get through, which is sad given that Noelle's had a super-deft hand with the series thus far.

    There were some cute,funny, and interesting moments, like Adora, Catra, Lonnie, Kyle, and Rogelio just acting like kids, Scorpia instantly disliking Adora, the return of Razz, and the references and visual callbacks to The Sword Parts 1 and 2, but I'm 100% positive that this was meant to be a super-impactful and pivotal episode and I just wasn't feeling it.

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