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Thread: Dark Horse - Character Guide & World Compendium SUPPLEMENTAL Guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wakko View Post
    Except for "Power from the Sky," for some reason. I just started collecting the Golden Books about a year ago and was able to get a complete set (minus PFTS) fairly cheaply, especially thanks to a flea market in my town. But that title eludes me and goes for big $$$$ on the rare occasion it pops up on eBay. I wonder if it was the last book and not many copies were made.
    Yep the last 2 produced books were "A Hero in Need" and "Power in the Sky". For She-Ra it was "The Enchantment". Then there were the 6 hardcovers for He-Man and the 4 for She-Ra. "The Sunbird Legacy" and the 2 "Giant" Characters books were release about the same time as "The Rock Warriors" and "Secret of the Dragons Egg". That was also when the 2 He-Man VHS Golden Tapes were released. The She-Ra VHS tape was the 3rd and final one.

    These titles had tapes/records:
    Caverns of Fear
    Thief of Castle Grayskull

    These just had tapes:
    Sword of Skeletor
    Time Trouble
    Mask of Evil
    The Sword of She-Ra
    Glimmer of Hope
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joebot View Post
    This may be a weird issue, but I really hope the dimensions of the book follow the Art of, World Compendium & Complete Guide formats. The Newspaper/Comic Strips book doesn't fit on my bookshelf.
    I certainly hope both "Toys of" and "Character Guide Supplemental" both will be similar size as previous Character and World Compendium and ArtOf books.
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