Even if the show is badly written and it goes against the lore and you just don't like it. Fine. Why do people have to act like Kevin Smith shot there dog, blew up there house and stole there car. I mean really look at Kevin Smith Twitter any time he mentions Revelation. Nothing but wall to wall hatred and vitriol. Im not saying all fans do it. But its ridiculous. Also isn't there more than one lore. In the early mini-comics He-man was just some dude who lived with a Tribe, who got magical armor. Filmation totally did a total 180 on that. 200X changed a quite a few things from the Filmation cartoon. The CGI Show changed lot lot more stuff than 200X show did and everyone tells me i need to love that show for some reason. Yes Maybe they shouldn't have sold Revelation as a continuation of Filmation cartoon. But lets forget about all that. Is it really unreasonable that were changes made to Revelation. Just saying.