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In this show, the power is kinda like Iron Man's suit. Iron Man's suit in the MCU can do almost anything the writers need it to do in the moment. Like if a giant space alien came to earth and said he would destroy the plant unless earth could supply him with a crystal ice cream cone in the next half hour, Tony Stark would be like, "Hey, just so happens I gave my suit the ability to fashion anything from crystals just yesterday. I haven't tested it out but here goes." I'm being ridiculous, but whenever Iron Man saves the day with some gadget we haven't seen before, it just lessens the stakes for me, takes out the tension.
For me, it depends on the likelihood in that situation, the likelihood that Stark would have built that something in advance.

Like Batman & Robin. They leave the Batcave in the Batmobile, and Commissioner Gordon comes on screen and says we have a new villain in town and he's called Mr. Freeze.

And 10 minutes later, we learn the Dynamic Duo just so happens to be equipped with batskates in their boots! Oh please LOL