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Thread: Custom MOTUC Slamurai and Whiteout

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    Custom MOTUC Slamurai and Whiteout

    I got the Power Con Slamurai figure, and rather than have to choose which pieces to use (they're all good!) I crafted a base body and made two different characters!

    I don't usually tweak bios, but for my set, Slamurai is connected with a ninja wraith called Whiteout. Whether Whiteout is a spiritual projection or an entirely different being bound to Slamurai, nobody knows, but he emerges from Slamurai's white shadow and can be projected to SLAM into enemies like a freight train. He can be used for more delicate matters like espionage, and the useful ability to be in two places at once, as everything Whiteout sees and learns is instantly known by Slamurai.

    The paint rub and assembly on this guy was nuts!

    Slamurai and Whiteout.jpg

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    Excellent job palidor love it. Remember in slamurai s bio he can project multiple projections of himself therefore the bio kinda takes care of the multiple looks of him

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