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Thread: Question regarding Skeletor and Screech Gift Set and different Skeletor versions.

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    Question regarding Skeletor and Screech Gift Set and different Skeletor versions.

    Hi everyone!

    We just unleashed our collection of original series from storage. I had the pleasure of sorting through a pile of weapons and comics and matching them to about 100 figures/playsets/vehicles (surprisingly most of them were complete). We have the added bonus that my father kept nearly all of the boxes and blister packs/cardbacks. In going through these, I discovered that we have a Screech and Skeletor Gift Set box! The box is in amazing condition! We have one Screech, so we know that it goes in the gift set; however, we have three Skeletors. Our goal here is to sell this collection (which it makes sense to piece out) and give the money to our parents to use however they see fit.

    So my first question is regarding the Skeletor. We have three different looking Skeletors. If I were buying a gift set, I would want the right figure to come with it - is that important? All three Skeletors are marked 1981 Taiwan. One has a soft head (so I'm guessing that doesn't belong as that's an earlier version?), we have one Skeletor cardback that is marked 1982, and is a 12-back, and one Skeletor has a marking on the bottom of his foot (is that common?). Two of the Skeletors appear similar except for the amount of red in their eyes.

    Here are pictures of the Skeletors:

    My second question is about potential worth. I've read that the Screech Skeletor gift set is pretty hard to find. There aren't any listed on eBay (current or sold), and the only other things I've seen are a couple other auction sites that seem legit, but for a sealed box went for 1400 and 1700. I have no idea what to expect out of an opened gift set. Anyone have any thoughts?

    Thanks so much!

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    I already crossed Sets with different Skeletor Figures inside (all made in Taiwan), this set has been reissued more than one time it is the reason.

    About the cost it is hard to say because opened and the figures played with, I found the picture of your box looking at google and she is in great shape, IMO around $250/300 it is a correct price.

    For the Skeletor with numbers bellow the feet sometimes it was arriving but I personally have no idea what these numbers are exactly.

    Here is a large picture I just found on Google from a sealed set to help you:

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