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Thread: MOTU Finalist to join the National Toy Hall of Fame (Vote!)

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    MOTU Finalist to join the National Toy Hall of Fame (Vote!)

    From CNN:

    Some of the world's most beloved toys and games are vying for a spot in the National Toy Hall of Fame.

    The Strong National Museum of Play, which hosts the Hall, announced the 2019 finalists for the honor on Wednesday.
    The list includes old favorites like the top, coloring books, Matchbox Cars and the Fischer-Price Corn Popper, which have delighted children for generations

    The smart phone also made the list because it is a platform for millions of games and has "revolutionized the way that people across the globe interact with the world and each other in playful ways," the announcement said.
    The card game Magic the Gathering was also nominated, along with Risk and Jenga.

    Care Bears, My Little Pony, Nerf Blasters and the Masters of the Universe action figures, which feature He-Man and She-Ra, round out the list.
    "These 12 toys represent the wide scope of play -- from the simple, traditional spinning top that has been played with since pre-history to the ultra-modern smartphone which has dramatically changed how people of all ages play and connect," Christopher Bensch, the museum's vice president for collections, said in a statement.

    Only two or three of the toys will be selected to the hall, the museum said. Fans can vote for their favorite online through September 18 to help the 23-member panel make its picks.
    The inductees will be announced at a November 7 ceremony.

    Finalists vying to join the National Toy Hall of Fame:

    -The top
    -Coloring books
    -Matchbox Cars
    -Fischer-Price Corn Popper
    -Magic the Gathering
    -Care Bears
    -My Little Pony
    -Nerf Blasters
    -Masters of the Universe action figures
    -The PokÚdex

    Vote :

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    Voted for MOTU. Stuff like coloring books and smartphone are way too generic.

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    Voted for MOTU

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    By the power of Grayskull!!!!

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    Voted for MOTU and My Little Pony

    Not sure how HeMan can possibly compete with Smartphone and Colouring books .

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