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Thread: Rocketman (2019)

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    Rocketman (2019)

    One of my favorite movies of the year!

    An excellent tribute to Sir Elton John and it's part fantasy (trippy sequences), part drama and part semi-musical (in some sequences to Elton's songs) and it's one of those movies that makes anyone fall in love with cinema again and music too. It really offers the best when it comes to film when it comes to visual and audio experience and one of the best bio pics i saw seen and quite unique like Elton John, it's not like bohemian rhapsody where it needs to stay close to reality, look at it as more of a tribute to Elton John's legacy and his music, it's not a true to life biography it's a broadway style appreciation for Elton John and it does not pull any punches despite the tribute feel and look, it knows when to hit hard and rated R unlike bohemian rhapsody which i liked but that went for PG-13.

    It shows how Elton went to the top then spiral down then made a comeback! This is a movie you can play in rehab facilities as it dealt with how people who becomes addicts to drugs and can recover. Taron Egerton is phenomenal as Elton John as he was perfect casting as even Elton himself was executive producer of this movie.

    The film has excellent visuals, quality direction, great editing, cinematography that is fantastic and a great script even superb performances.
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    It's an honour for Egerton to play the role of Sir Elton John in that movie.
    Both John and Egerton had starred together in Kingsman: The Golden Circle.
    Back in 2016 Egerton sang I'm Still Standing while playing the role of Johnny the Gorilla in Sing.
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