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    Plot bunnies


    Adam, and any character other than Marlena end up on Earth. For some reason, they must blend in. He tries to navigate the world (and fight the evil forces) with only his mother's stories to help him understand this world. I think this could be hilarious.

    Fisto must face someone he has harmed in the past and realize that not everyone is willing to accept his about-face so quickly. The opposition is not blind or stupid, but reasonably suspicious and angry that there was no justice for Fisto's actions. Can not use the moral of "forgive and forget."


    After Adora is taken, it is Hordak/Weaver's evil spell that used to make the population forget about her. The Sorceress protects their memories of their child.

    Fisto finds out what he was doing when he had amnesia...and it wasn't marrying the Sorceress.

    The Sorceress is injured and could use a helper/nurse coming to Grayskull to help out. Duncan would like it to be Teela. But it ends up being Duncan, and they get to know each other more. I've always found the MYP Sorceress to be more removed, more isolated, and to keep people at arm's length more than the Filmation version. Even MAA, who has known her for years, doesn't seem close to her early on. I'd like to see them become more personal friends.

    Randor has to convince kingdom's population that when the Hall of Wisdom disappeared, the Elders really did say he was supposed to become king. And he only his most loyal soldiers to vouch for it. It seems like it would be hard sell. But I one thing I really like in MYP version is how highly regarded Randor is. Everyone respects him and trusts him. Even if there were no bloodline (which, of course, no one knows there is), you could see why this man was chosen for the role. And how does Marlena react?

    Duncan gets partial amnesia - forgets Adam is He-Man. And he treats Adam worse than Teela or Randor ever did. I do think Randor and Teela get vilified too much for their lack of respect towards Adam (especially Randor). And I do think MAA would be at least as bad. We saw in "The Beginning" he said not to judge Adam yet - he was waiting to see what Adam did yet. He'd have judged Adam just as harshly, IMO. And we saw that Randor kept trying to teach his son, too. And, of course, much later in the series, we saw how Duncan reaction to Fisto supposedly deserting. Duncan is very big on duty, and would not react well to Adam seemingly shirking his. Anyway, this will be rough on Adam, since he has so few to support his in his secrecy.

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    The Sorceress injured? I wonder who did that to her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neophron View Post
    The Sorceress injured? I wonder who did that to her.
    A most interesting question.

    And if anyone else has any plot bunnies, please contribute. I mean, as long you don't care if they get adopted. I like reading people's ideas.

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