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Thread: Faceless One Customs

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    Faceless One Customs

    Hello all, I have thought I will create a post to show all my MOTU customs I've made up to date, to avoid cluttering with too many threads.

    So, I will start with the latest ones I have made;

    Kobra Khan Camuflado; I've tried to match the best I could the exact tones and shapes. Quite difficult, as they seem to vary from one another, and most samples you see on the net are either customs or very worn.

    And the famous "Wonderbread" Savage He-Man. I used a He-Man taiwan, so I thought best to repaint the flesh colour, to make it more authentic. I varnished twice to get a plastic feeling.

    I am currently accepting commissions for custom figures, just PM me with your project
    See my other customs at; and see my MOTU customs in these videos;
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    To me the Kobra Khan Camuflado figure is quite impossible to hold his pistol (or any other weapon) because his hands have been replaced by pincers just like Buzz Off and Clawful.
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