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Thread: Super7 announces new ReAction MOTU figures for NY Comic-Con 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun Flaherty View Post
    If history is any indicator, we seem to get about one wave of new sculpts per year. If the license gets renewed for another term, Iíd expect to see Wave 6 at Toy Fair in February. But if itís anything like Wave 5, those figures wonít be in our hands till almost summer.

    I agree that the most recent releases would have benefitted from some variety. Three Moduloks between two conventions is almost as uninspiring as the three Stratoses we got at Power-Con last year.

    Two things to consider:

    1) Itís likely easier (cheaper) for the factory to make several variants at a time on one mold than loading in an older mold.

    2) Itís possible that the line isnít necessarily designed solely for the Collect Them All collector. Of course, theyíd love for everybody to buy everything, but I imagine that there are folks who pick these up as one-offs ó liking an interesting deco, remembering that particular version from childhood, etc.

    My bigger concern about NYCC is: Where are the reveals? Whereís Brian? Somethingís fishy.
    I read somewhere that Brian is really not be in NYCC and will be in China to visit factories.

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    And here I am still ticked off that Wave 2 was virtually impossible to get ahold of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Solstice-Moon View Post
    I absolutely love this line, but I have to be honest.... I am getting really sick of these repaints. Modulok is supposed to be "the beast of 1000 bodies", not the "beast of 1000 repaints". We need new sculpts. Why is this an issue? In light of other MOTU lines being pulled, you'd think Super7 would kind of make this a priority.
    Haha, yeah, the repaints are easy cash grabs for Super 7, but I'm not buying them. I just hope we get to see figures on our wish lists before this line is cancelled, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperMario View Post
    And here I am still ticked off that Wave 2 was virtually impossible to get ahold of.
    Iím missing the original MAA from wave 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenskull View Post
    I received this response from Super7:

    "Thank you for double checking. It seems we have the incorrect photo on our listing for our Dark Variant Grizzlor. We are working to get this corrected. If you are ordering the dark variant listing, you will receive the actual Dark Variant. "
    Super7 updated the Dark Grizzlor listing with the right pic.

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