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Thread: A chat room suggestion

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    A chat room suggestion

    Yes, I know this thread should be in the Site Development and Suggestions forum, but I'm posting here, in a more frequently visited forum, in hopes of getting as much exposure for this chat room suggestion as possible. So I'm hoping the mods will cut this aging entertainment industry warrior a break and let the thread remain here.

    I'll start by again expressing my sincere gratitude and extending props to Val and his cohorts for resurrecting our beloved chat room. With everything Val has on his plate, it's astounding that he was able to block out time to get this done. Talk about responding to the wishes of fans...

    But you know. having a chat room is only fun if people are in there to chat with. I've checked it out a couple of times over the past few days and it's hit or miss -- sometimes no one in there; sometimes three or four orgers.

    To maximize participation and interaction, I'm going to suggest we establish two times for orgers to descend upon and flock to the chat room during the week -- 8 P.M. Central Standard Time and, for us night owls, Midnight Central Standard Time, and 4 P.M. Central Standard Time on Saturdays and Sundays. If we all agree on that idea, how about attaching a Post-it to your computer with the times so you'll remember them? A third time for our international orgers might be a good idea, but I'll leave it up to them to propose that.

    Naturally everyone can stop in any other time they want, but my hope here is that by setting up a couple of 'Open For Business' times, and our all knowing that orgers will be in there to chat with, that more of us will regularly drop in.

    Your thoughts?

    Hope to see you all there.
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    I would like to propose a time of...NOW

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    You wanted it back. Well, it's back. so stop on by and chat with your fellow dot orgers. chat about he-man, she-ra.

    or fluffy kittens, that old cranky guy down the street or even that vacation you was on.

    However we draw the line at band camp stories.

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