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Thread: Season 4 is coming November 5th -- Click here for teaser trailer and more!

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    There's always the potential of a sequel series. Presuming Horde Prime is dealt with, that's going to leave a power vacuum, and there's no guarentee someone else isn't in on Etheria's little secret and would covet the planet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zodak74 View Post
    From my understanding, the series has 52 episodes that were done some time ago by this point, and there's only 13 episodes left to go now that Season Four has dropped. I think it's safe to say we'll see the end of this particular story play out the way she intended.
    I absolutely love what's been done here with the property. There's a depth and an arc to the whole story that we were never presented with in any previous version of PoP/MOTU. It'll both be a bummer AND be exciting to see this come to an end, because it will be the first real "finish" we've had to any of the shows. Well, now as I'm writing this I'm remembering that New Adventures had an arc and a proper ending, didn't it? So, I guess this show will be the second.
    Based on things that I've heard Noelle say, I believe that she completely planned out the 'arc plot' for SPoP shortly after either approaching or being approached by Dreamworks with the opportunity to develop a new take on the She-Ra property as a generic whole, which was before her specific take on the property had been officially 'greenlit to series'.

    I do think we'll get to see the conclusion of Noelle's planned story, but whether or not that happens in the form of one final block of 13 or two smaller blocks (some combination of a 7-episode release and a 6-episode release) is an open question.

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    I think that the fact this show premiered last year and we already have had ostensibly 3 13 episode seasons and many of the crew have indicated that they've 'moved on' to other projects, to me this indicates that the series in its entirety is already in production - Noelle also mentioned that it's hand animated the other day - I sincerely doubt they haven't at least started on the final season, animation takes tremendous time and effort to complete.
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