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Thread: Would you BUY a MOTU novel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helenawe View Post
    I have read thousands of fantasy books and enjoy the Felix and Gotrek novels

    Last book in the omnibus is Daemonslayer, which is a traditional novel with chapters and a continuous story. I personally like novels instead of short stories.
    "By my axe!" ...... the Gotrek and Felix omnibus 5 has just just been released!
    Hoping for figures of: King Hsss slave girl, Major Header, Hans Hammerholder, Bubblor, Lady slither, Redeye, grr, Kayla, Gorgonne and the myp giants.

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    I've been collecting the Disney Twisted Tales, Disney Villains, Power Rangers and DC Icons novels and now I've been collecting the Thundercats novels (there are two) and I would love to collect MOTU/POP/NA novels as well as TMNT novels.
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