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Thread: "In Search of Darkness" Horror Documentary limited run.

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    "In Search of Darkness" Horror Documentary limited run.

    Hey there.

    Do you like horror movies?

    Do you like EIGHTIES horror movies such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Child's Play, Gremlins and more?

    Do you like documentaries that take you on a fun (blood soaked) trip down memory lane?

    Then I have something to share with you.

    How about being one of the people to own a copy of "In Search of Darkness"? A documentary about and love letter to 80's horror featuring John Carpenter, Joe Dante, Don Mancini, Doug Bradley and Keith David to name just a few talking about the films and roles that helped make them famous horror icons.

    Now it is a bit on the not cheap side at $59.99 but as of now there is no plans for it to be released in stores and it is only on sale until midnight on Halloween, each copy printed to order. So miss it now and you might not get another chance.

    For full details and a trailer check out the website

    oh and full disclosure, I am friends with one of the people interviewed in the documentary, namely Cecil Trachenburg from the YouTube GoodBadFlicks :P

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    Saw the trailer and thought it looked interesting. It was an interesting period for horror.

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    Yeah, I was listening to a podcast that had someone involved and this thing runs in at like 4 hours long(!) going year by year. Which is cool I think. More relevant to me is that they're following it up with one devoted to 80s sci-fi. And there is also one from the same production team devoted to 80s action movies that either came out or is going to come out soon.

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