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Thread: Custom 1/6 Remco Warlord figure

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    Custom 1/6 Remco Warlord figure

    I always liked the vintage Remco DC Warlord ko motu figure ( for some reason). So I decided to make a 1/6 version.
    It’s a phicen body with a Kumik head sculpt which I painted. I sewed the loincloth and cape by hand and gave him a real leather shoulder armour. The helmet is a 303Toys Chinese helmet, onto which I added real feathers.49B3D4CD-8370-4E63-B2E3-5EC826026038.jpeg67DB4A92-6494-47DF-9CB5-E5CBD5CBEEFA.jpgBCBC8D9B-F988-4EFA-8FF2-AE27534C7CD9.jpg3218CD72-C977-42BF-8DD8-F62F7A8F7D9F.jpgD5441CCA-5303-435B-A173-B74ABED16CD3.jpg

    Ah, the never ending quest to posting pictures upright in a post....
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    Funny thing is that the Warlord's sword is in fact straight, not curved.
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    Very nice.
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