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Thread: BA Faker Custom

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    BA Faker Custom

    I've posted up another custom Faker: https://masteringtheuniverses.blogsp...our-faker.html

    By now a pattern may start to appear, revealing that I'm partial to He-Man and Skeletor variants when it comes to MOTU Classics. I have given up the likelihood of acquiring a Battle Armor Faker from the DC-MOTU 2-pack for a decent price and I had a spare Battle Armor Skeletor, so I figured I'd have a go at making one. I actually started this one before the Pitfighter Faker, but as I had a better feeling about the latter, it got finished first.

    I largely inspired my BA Faker on the official one, but used steel accents instead of gold ones and used purple as the secondary colour in keeping with traditional Faker colours. In addition to the armour pieces and weapons, I also repainted the hair on my Faker.

    The body is one of the China Fakers, which may be factory castoffs or bootlegs (the latter theory gaining more traction). I had to carve some material of the shoulders and sides of the torso as I found out the BA Skeletor torso is somewhat slimmer than the regular one and I couldn't close the armour otherwise. As indicated, I wasn't terribly excited about how this one was turning out and I'm still not now that it's finished, but I guess it does the job.

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    I think it's pretty for a custom job, to be honest. It will look good next to your other figures displayed. Great work.

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