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Thread: Ramlin in MOTUC

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    Ramlin in MOTUC

    Ramlin has always been on my radar ever since the the episode we saw in the NA episode” the new wizard in town” he as well as the other two wizards ( Zontos and Dagar) and Master Serbian are the most powerful wizards in the universe. That as well as Skeletor fearful expression at the mentioning of his name as well as his name dropping in recent bios ( crucia the dagger of agony and book of living spells) his status has been upped to me and he is deserving of a figure, on par with characters like Kelcar, Tauron, and Noah. His powers were that of stealing other power for himself making him very powerful . In regards to accessories, artifacts pertaining to NA make the most sense, the encyclopedia of evil was a prominent spell book and the mind lens of denebria was another artifact that was able to torment individuals in their dreams. A cool staff would be great wish I knew of a evil staff not being used for someone in the mythos for him.
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    I just watched that episode for the first time on Monday. I'm finally watching all the NA episodes. I've enjoyed the series so far. I loved Skeletor's reaction to seeing him! He would be a nice figure to have! There are a lot of characters from that series that would also be cool to have figures for. The NA figures are some of my favorites. Too bad we probably won't get anymore of them.
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