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Thread: The origin of the Horde.

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    The origin of the Horde.

    This has been sitting in my notes files in my phone for three or four years. Itís a brief tale of how the Horde came to be, where they came from, and why theyíre a threat. It combines aspects of the DC comics and Classics. I donít even really know if it fits in with my own canon anymore, but itís kinda fun. Lemme know what you think.


    One cannot tell the history of the Horod people without simultaneously speaking of the rise of the Horde Empire. The Horod race is the only native sapient species on Horodin, a cruel world which does not harbor life easily. Every young Horod is taught survival and combat skills, as the local wildlife and even some of the plant life is extremely lethal.

    Civilization sprang up in the form of thousands of independent clans. When clans interacted there was no diplomacy, only war. No trade, only plunder. For millennia, clan violence was the way of life and death on Horodin. It is unknown how high technology came to be the dominant military weapon on Horodin, as the lack of societal unity would seem to make scientific advancement difficult. Nonetheless, complex war machines more advanced than anything in the galaxy were devised to rain untold destruction to the planet.

    Hek Tor Kur was the war chief of Clan Kur. Even then, he was known to be ancient. His mastery of war machines as well as the discovery of arcane magicks led Clan Kur to dominance over the Horod home world. Over the course of thousands of years, mechanical bombardment and magical attacks gave Kur control of the planet. Now led by one singular vision, Horodin's war industry thrived. Military science flourished. Space travel was discovered and Kur's sights were set on alien worlds to conquer.

    It was Hek Tor Kur, naturally, who was the first Horod to set foot on the first target world. He announced himself as Horod. To the local sapient species' ears, the name Horod became Horde. As the first attack began, the local species ran to warn their communities, screaming Horde, Horde, Horde! Hek Tor Kur smiled.

    The Horde was born and Horod people were forgotten. Each world conquered by the Horde became known as a Horde World. Every sapient species that was not wiped out assimilated and became Horde. There are no Slebbethans, no Brezznek, no Gralthir tales or histories remembered. Only Horde. All for the glory of the empire.

    Kur became addicted to the feeling of conquering worlds and civilizations. As his ambitions grew, he knew he could no longer devote his attention to the governance of his empire while continuing his permanent war with the Galaxy. He abdicated his role as Horde Prime and turned the rule to a trusted advisor named Annihilus. The newly-appointed Horde Primarch Annihilus would take the reigns of the Horde population, driving commerce, research, infrastructure, all the important aspects of ruling an empire.

    It was at this time that Hek Tor Kur took the name Hordak, and his reputation as Ruthless Imperator of the Horde Empire truly spread. He concentrated on magicks, holding dominion over such powers. Technology such as a wrench or axe or saw is a tool which obeys the one at the helm. Technology, his war machines included, can be turned against their creator. Magicks obey Hordak. Magicks can be trusted. He assembled an elite group of generals, each powerful in magicks, and lessened his reliance on machines.

    It is claimed by some that Hordak is not actually a Horod, but an ancient, immortal demon who used the resources of Horodin and its people as a way to increase his own power. Others say that the magicks have disfigured him and gave him unnaturally long life. Some worship him as a god. He himself allows many tales of his nature to be told, believing that the tales hold power, but when asked directly he will simply say: ďHordak Is."

    The Horokoth came to Hordak in a vision. It spoke to him of the power it contains. The leftover power of creation sleeps at the core of a small, grassy planet. If Hordak could claim the Horokoth, he could remake the entire dimension in his own image. Destiny, it seems to Hordak, is to be Master of the Universe.

    In his hunt for the Horokoth, Hordak eventually discovered Eternia. A world of untold mystery and power, strong magicks, diverse peoples, and potential beyond belief. For at the heart of the world, under the foundation of an ancient fortress named Castle Grayskull, is a shaft to the core of the planet, where the Horokoth is protected. King Grayskull sits in the throne of the castle bearing his name. To him and his human subjects this power is known as the Star Seed.

    Having taken many worlds and devastated many populations, the taking of Eternia should have been trivial for the Horde. However, this planet and its human is already beseiged by another force: The Snake Men. The Snakes are also after what the Horde calls the Horokoth; they know it as the Heart of Serpos.

    The unique properties of Eternia along with the unbridled heart of King Grayskull and the brutality of the Snake Men have challenged the Horde unlike anything they have ever faced before.

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    Wow! I never knew that the Evil Horde have their origins.
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