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Thread: Episode 28: "The Valley of the Lost" (SPOILERS!)

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    Episode 28: "The Valley of the Lost" (SPOILERS!)

    This thread is for the second episode of season 4 entitled "The Valley of the Lost."

    Please feel free to discuss anything before and included in the episode.

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    I liked this episode, but it was a bit annoying that they've put Huntara on a bus here. Granted she probably would have spotted Double Trouble given enough time, but I still liked her. Plus it seemed way too easy for the Horde to bring a rough and tumble place like the Crimson Wastes to heel so quickly.
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    That episode did not explain how they transported that non functioning space ship back to Bright Moon .

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    Liked the Huntara and Perfuma inclusions. Perfuma reminded me a little of the Filmation episode where she drove Hordak crazy with all of her talking, especially when she's going on and on about cacti. Decent episode, but I'm still cringing at all o the attemped humor that's just not all that funny to me. I'm not sure what to think of Double Trouble yet.

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