I know what you're thinking: "Boy, that DropMix game looks neat, but I can't justify spending all that money on it." Now you don't have to, because I'm selling a gently-used DropMix Starter Kit, as well as every card pack from Season 1 on eBay right now! I'm selling all of the Discovery Card sets! I'm selling all of the Playlist Packs! I'm selling the Best Buy exclusive Playlist Pack! The Target pack! The Toys R Us pack! I'm even selling the rare G.I. Joe, Transformers, and Pyre cards that were only given out at conventions! Click on "See other items" to see everything. All starting bids are 99, and I do my dangdest to keep shipping costs low. Why are you still reading this? Go grab yourself a bargain before someone beats you to it!

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