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Thread: Vilkas, The Plague Bearer.

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    Vilkas, The Plague Bearer.

    Vilkas, The Plague Bearer. Ever since we found out that Ka was the face on the side of Snake Mtn, I wanted to bring to life something else from the Snake Mountain. The wolf headed mic from the original place set made me think that wouldn't it be cool if Ka had a steed, wouldn't it make sense that it was A wolf, and that a Demon Snake Lord riding around Preternia on the back of the giant wolf. I got the idea of a Plague Bearer as i was doing the paint job, the dry brushing i was doing made it look like he had the Black Plague. Vilkas is wolf in Lithuanian. Recipe- I used a Rampage Wolf as the base with the head of the original Snake Mtn MIC as the head. The Talented Ryan Lunt put the whole thing together and created the transition. Many thanks to him. Used a Griffen Saddle with a Calix Sheild and this awesome glass i found in craft store. Ka i made previously.


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    I can see a lot of effort was put into this, bravo!

    The feeling I get when looking at the beast is that I wish to avoid having to fight it at all costs.

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