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Thread: Prince Adam origin question 1982

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    Quote Originally Posted by joe113 View Post
    Hey Lich, have you ever seen this video on YouTube? Your thoughts (and anyone else who cares to join in)? [video][/url]
    Yes, I've seen it! Accusing things of being satanic was like a cottage industry in the 80s. They do reference the cartoon there, so the video must have been made after it debuted sometime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lich Leech View Post
    Yes, I've seen it! Accusing things of being satanic was like a cottage industry in the 80s. They do reference the cartoon there, so the video must have been made after it debuted sometime.
    Yes, the satanic panic of the 1980s. Being from the suburbs of New York I have lots of stories but they’re all hoaxes. As far as I can tell it started with Ricky Kasso in Long Island, he killed someone who owed him money for drugs but the news media made it out to be a satanic ritual sacrifice. Then, in Staten Island, a teen girl with Down syndrome was abducted and they never found her. This incident was also linked to this growing social panic.

    Then it come up my way. I was in elementary school and the high school was about 1/4 mile away. In back of my elementary school there was some woods and a stream running through it. A rumor started that there was a dead baby in the woods. Scared the heck out of all of us. Some kids claimed to have seen the corpse. Eventually the police were brought in and searched the patch of woods only to find a naked plastic doll hanging from a tree, a hoax perpetrated I’m sure by someone from the neighboring high school.

    So, for most of the 80s one looked over their shoulder if they passed through a patch of woods. In the end, it was all a major hoax that dragged Dungeons & Dragons, Masters of the Universe, heavy metal music, certain movies and more through the mud. Playing D&D and listening to Iron Maiden made you a juvenile delinquent, utterly ridiculous the persecution I faced growing up during this time. The real problem was drugs and alcohol. It was everywhere. A few local convenience stores sold beer to minors. That was the real concern, not fantasy. Something about living in New York, it seemed everyone wanted to intimidate you.

    I sometimes wonder what it would have been like growing up without that fear mongering going on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jukka View Post
    Mattel approached Hanna-Barbera but that didn't go through. There might be some other studio they approached but H-B has been given as example. Then they went to Filmation, thinking they could make animated specials.

    I can't say what the actual deal was with Mattel and Filmation. In his book Lou mentions it was 50/50. The money for Filmation came down from their parent company Group W.
    But that Filmation had the veto-right on what to include in the show.
    That's why the whole "its just a 22-min advertising for toys" doesn't hold too much. Because HAD it been that, Mattel might've put in every ten episodes a new Battle/ThunderPunch/Do-Hickey Variant to sell that specific toy of the season. But that's not what we got.
    Ironically, that's EXACTLY what we got in 200x. Ice armor, Samurai armor, Snake armor... LOT of Varients showing up that actually gave some legitimacy to the Toy Aisle of the time. Not to mention a lot more focus on more than just the main 3 characters. Toy distribution was pretty terrible... but toy representation in the show?? that was spot on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jukka View Post
    Group W did get complaints from mom-groups. Peggy Charren (founder of Action for Children's Television, ACT) was one vocal person about cartoons with violence. All that was in effect already from 70s with animated shows, so any action shows couldn't really have violence at all. Basically closest back then you might have is Scooby-Doo with suspense elements, but no violence.
    In 80s they focused straight to He-Man.

    Only problem is. These attacks against He-Man show came before a single episode had aired. Meaning nobody actually had watched the show. Lou had a history with animated series always promoting good morals for kids, its evident in Fat Albert and other shows prior to He-Man. In He-Man's case they also had Donald F. Roberts (educational consultant) who checked the scripts for pro-social values (or if there might be something characters did that children might try to imitate and injur themselves, so those would be changed or removed) and writers included a moral-tag at end of the episode.
    Yeah, I never heard much complaints about He-man since it was all very... 'fantasy'. GIJoe however?? That was the major scapegoat for kids and violence. All those guns and tanks?? My parents didn't let me collect/watch GIJoe… but He-man was fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phantom1592 View Post
    Yeah, I never heard much complaints about He-man since it was all very... 'fantasy'. GIJoe however?? That was the major scapegoat for kids and violence. All those guns and tanks?? My parents didn't let me collect/watch GIJoe… but He-man was fine.
    GIJoe got away with some of its things by having lasers instead of "real guns" on the show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobrala View Post
    The one missing detail is that Filmation director Hal Sutherland was colorblind and saw purple as gray and pink as brown.

    This had already resulted in purple Klingon uniforms in Star Trek and pink tribbles.

    In all likelihood, allowing for this, his Prince Adam probably wore what TO HIM was the same as an orange-y brown vest and dark gray fur loincloth and boots with light gray leggings.

    So the Filmation Adam was likely meant to be a few steps LESS flamboyant than Taylor’s design.

    The crazy sky and vegetation colors can also likely be chalked up to Sutherland, who would have seen the purple skies as smoggy.
    Irv Kaplan was in charge of the colours and what happened is that he simply liked pink, purple and green. As per Bob Kline. It has zero to do with anyone being colour blind.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jukka View Post
    There more likely was lot of things worked at same time.
    Halperin on Series Bible, the Series Guide images... and DC Comics. All during 1982.
    In late 1982.
    DC stuff actually predates all of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phantom1592 View Post
    Yeah, for example... the most common color deficiency is in the red/green sprectrum. I can see pure true bright reds and greens... but a lot of the various hues and shades... just blur. I like to describe it as everyone else has that big box of 240 crayons... I have the 20. :P If you take red, green and brown (a combo of red and green) and paint them all together... I can't usually see where one ends and the next begins.

    Purple is a little tough, because that is a combo of red of and blue... and there have been a lot of times that I call something blue only to be corrected that it is in fact purple. That said... I KNOW what colors are SUPPOSED to be. I don't proclaim that the sky or ocean is purple... I don't think the grass is red... I know what colors are meant to be, I just have trouble seeing them sometimes. My friends have a wonderful memory of playing volleyball outside and I kept running out of bounds to hit the ball and getting them all angry... I didn't even realize then painted the boundary lines in red on the green grass... Blew their mind when they found out that was the problem. But even with all that, I still paint miniatures and toys a LOT... I just pay attention to the labels on the paint.
    I see true bright red, but everything lighter than that, I see as grey. Green is the most vivid color I see. Gold/bronze/copper is problematic for me as well, it often comes out as silver to me.

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    An interesting question, to be sure. I remember reading somewhere that "pink" for girls (or "girly" men) and blue for boys is a rather modern invention. In older times pink was actually considered the masculine color. I myself have a salmon-colored shirt that I rather like. It could be the same on an alien world like Eternia. Adam's a prince and he can wear what he wants. I did like the maroon vest on the toy a little better, but there we go.

    There was some stuff that definitely made me, as an adult, look at these characters again. But I don't know how intentional it all was.

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